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As teachers and school faculty know, having hundreds of children and young adults cooped up in a building for 6+ hours a day for the better part of a year can take a toll on floors, lockers, cubbies, desks, and more.

At Water Damage Drying Services, we provide school cleaning services to keep educational institutions in a safe, sanitary condition. It does not matter if the school is a small building for preschoolers and kindergarteners, or a multi-building high school. We have the cleaning personnel, equipment, and methodologies to keep your building in pristine condition. We offer this service to schools in the Providence, RI, area.

The Benefits of a Clean School

Fewer Absences

School Cleaning Services – 02860, RIThe most obvious advantage of receiving regular cleaning services is improved health. With so many children, parents, and district personnel making their way around the building, and potentially spreading germs, it can be easy for individuals to get sick. By sanitizing desktops, bathrooms, entryways, and more on a regular basis, fewer absences will need to be taken by students, and teachers will benefit from improved health.

Extended Carpet Lifespan

The longevity of the building itself is also a factor that must be considered. With frequent foot traffic, floors can be run down rather quickly. Dirt, mud, and debris can get dragged around, as well. This can damage hard surface floors and carpeting if it is not addressed. This will cost the district money over time and can leave the school with a bad reputation. However, with consistent cleaning services, the life of these and similar assets can be extended.

Fewer Child Illnesses

Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is an improved learning environment. Through regular cleaning services, your building will be more sanitary, and in a better condition. This means that students and teachers will not be impacted by illnesses or dysfunctional equipment as often, and the look of the school will instill a sense of pride.

Advanced Electrostatic Spraying

In schools, daycares and universities, the spread of illnesses seems inevitable as many students and faculty pass through the classrooms and hallways each day, coming into contact with the same surfaces.  Surfaces like desks, doors, fixtures, computers and countertops can accumulate germs and bacteria that can spread illnesses like the cold and flu.  Disinfecting commonly used surfaces and areas like restrooms, cafeterias and dormitories will help create a healthier environment and reduce the spread of diseases.

We use advanced equipment to provide effective disinfection with electrostatic spraying.  This disinfection method works by adding a positive charge to the disinfectant before it is sprayed from the nozzle.  This causes the particles to repel each other and spread evenly over the surface, and these particles are attracted to the negatively charged surface.  The disinfectant will kill the germs and bacteria as it is left to dry.  This process is very efficient as we can apply the disinfectant over large areas very quickly. It is non-corrosive with quick drying time, and 99.99% effective in killing harmful germs like Norovirus, C.diff, Influenza H1N1, MRSA, HIV, Salmonella, E.Coli and multi-drug resistant bacteria.

University Cleaners Providence, RI

At Water Damage Drying Services, we utilize professional-grade cleaning equipment, solutions, and methodologies to ensure a sanitary learning environment. Our cleaning products are “green”, so you do not need to worry about dangerous chemicals harming children. Through our school cleaning services, we will develop a unique sanitization plan and schedule that addresses everything your building needs. This includes cleanings for anything from classrooms and offices to lockers and hallways.

The specifics will depend on your building, but our highly trained technicians will ensure a quality result. In particularly bad situations, we can draw upon our vast experience in the disaster restoration and cleaning industry to resolve the problem.

Contact Us

To utilize our school cleaning services, contact our Water Damage Drying Services representatives at (401) 205-8130. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have and are proud to assist learning communities in the Providence, RI, area.

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