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Hoarding Cleanup in Providence, RI 02860

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In Providence, RI, it is estimated that one in four homeowners are affected by a problematic mental condition called compulsive hoarding (or a hoarding disorder). This disorder causes affected individuals to feel extreme anxiety when they are faced with throwing items away, which leads to dangerous hoarding situations.

At Water Damage Drying Services, we implement a unique 3-phase approach to hoarding and estate cleaning in Providence, RI.

The Dangers of Excessive HoardingHoarder home

When we say hoarding, we do not mean a couple small piles of unused items here or there. We are talking about large quantities of personal items, broken belongings, and even garbage and animals. Over time, the clutter buildup leads to significant health and property issues.

Fire hazards are a major concern when hoarding takes place. On top of that, if a fire does occur, it could be more severe as compacted items will burn. Allergens, bacteria, and mold can build up, as well, which can result in health complications for those exposed. Belongings can fall on people, or trap them, as they are stacked ever higher. Finally, when an emergency does occur, avenues of escape will be blocked. All of these dangers can lead to injury and death for anybody in the affected property.

To prevent disasters from taking place, it is important for trusted friends and family members to provide assistance. Understanding the mental factors will benefit you greatly in this endeavor may assist you in getting the needed cleaning and removal or items underway.

Hoarding Cleanup Providence, RI

Water Damage Drying Services By Mason implements a 3-phase approach to hoarding situations that has proven results. It specifically accounts for the mental disorder that affected individuals suffer with, and consists of:

  • Phase 1 – Building Trust: Before we actually clean your property, we will work to develop a relationship with our client and any family members involved. Our Water Damage Drying Services technicians are aware of your difficulties and will not throw away any items until an understanding is reached.
  • Phase 2 – Hoarding Cleaning: This phase involves the implementation of a sanitization and thorough cleaning plan. We work with affected individuals to figure out which belongings are to be kept and discarded, needed, and then proceed to clean and sanitize the property.
  • Phase 3 – Follow Ups: We create an at-home cleaning plan for affected individuals to follow once we leave. Our goal is to help affected individuals manage their hoarding disorder.

Estate Cleanup Providence, RI

And when families suffer a loss of a loved-one, they know that Water Damage Drying Services By Mason is available for professional estate cleanup services, to remove belongings (including appliances and furniture), arrange for any items to be donated to the charity of choice, pack-up and store items as needed, and provide a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning of the property.

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We work with affected individuals to return their property to safe, livable conditions for them and their family, while treating them with respect and compassion. If you would like to take advantage of our hoarding and estate cleaning services in Providence, RI, contact our Water Damage Drying Services representatives at (401) 205-8130.

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