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When a sewage backup occurs, they are more than just dangerous to the building materials; the personal health and safety of everyone on the property is at risk. When the water contains significant amounts of biohazards and pathogens, a professional cleanup company must be called to handle the job properly.

For over 30 years, Water Damage Drying Services has been providing professional sewage cleanup services in Providence, RI and the surrounding towns. Our technicians only use the latest products and restoration equipment to effectively restore the area to its previous condition, ensuring complete peace of mind once the job is complete.

Sewage Backups

Sewage Backup Cleaning – Providence, RIAs soon as waste water penetrates the building materials on a property, it will cause permanent damage to all porous surfaces, including drywall, particleboard, carpeting, hardwood floor, and insulation. This is why restoration is needed right away before the water spreads to other surfaces.

As soon as you call our technicians, Water Damage Drying Services will respond right away to address the damage. Our professionals always use personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling sewage wastewater. They will begin by extracting the excess water, demolish, and remove all contaminated debris, sanitize and disinfect the remaining surfaces, and prevent mold growth by eliminating remaining moisture.

The use of commercial drying equipment will also ensure to eliminate all moisture particles from each surface.  We can also assist with insurance claims by providing a detailed Scope of Work & Estimate document.

All of the following steps are included within our sewage contamination cleaning service:

  • Open Availability and Full Communication: Water Damage Drying Services is available 24/7 to assist with all sewage backups, ensuring to provide complete communication and updates every step of the way.
  • Water Restoration: Soon after our arrival, our technicians will immediately begin extracting the wastewater. This is followed by conducting controlled demolition and hauling away contaminated debris.
  • Sanitization: After all debris and water have been removed, the remaining non-porous surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected to eliminate the remaining bacteria.
  • Drying Process: As mold growth can develop in any area with excess moisture, our specialists will thoroughly dry out the affected space to eliminate this risk. We will also provide mold removal services if needed.
  • Odor Removal: Any lingering odors from the sewage water will be removed using powerful hydroxyl or ozone machines.
  • Open Insurance Claim Assistance: Upon request, Water Damage Drying Services will provide a detailed Scope of Work & Estimate to assist with open insurance claims.

At any time you find a sewage backup on your property, it’s extremely important to maintain a safe distance from the affected area. Be sure to call Water Damage Drying Services to safely remove all wastewater and debris, conduct controlled demolition, and sanitize the remaining surfaces. With this service, you can look forward to a fully renewed space on your property.

Available 24/7

Water Damage Drying Services is available 24/7 at (401) 205-8130 in the Providence, RI area to assist both home and business owners with sewage cleanup services.

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