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Board Up Services Manchester, CT 06040

(860) 499-3395

When the exterior of your building or home is damaged, it is important to stabilize and secure your property as soon as possible. This is to keep outdoor elements where they belong – outside. Regardless of the cause of the damage, we provide effective board ups and tarping services here at Water Damage Drying Services.

Our board up and tarping services will temporarily secure your property until more permanent fixes can be made. We offer these 24/7 emergency response services to property owners in Manchester, CT and the surrounding areas.

Emergency Stabilization Services

A worst-case scenario is when your building is damaged to the point that it is no longer structurally sound. This can occur due to severe storms and hurricanes, vandals, fires, animals, major accidents, and other circumstances. No matter the cause, we will respond swiftly to stabilize your building and prevent further damage. We offer site-stabilization services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Securing Your Property

Whether or not you need site-stabilization services, it is still important to seal off your building from unwanted visitors and the elements. Any openings can allow vandals, rain/snow and animals to penetrate your property and cause additional damage. Our Water Damage Drying Services technicians respond rapidly to your call to provide essential board up and tarping services.

We have provided these important services for over 30 years and know what to look for to identify potential problems. Whether you are dealing with a number of small openings in your roof, or large penetrations in windows, walls and doors, we will effectively secure these breached areas. If necessary, we can provide controlled demolition services as well.

For a look at all of the individual services we offer through our board ups and tarping services, please see below:

  • Emergency site-stabilization services
  • The covering of all holes and openings
  • The boarding up of windows, walls, doors, and roofing
  • Roof tarping services
  • Water extraction and drying services
  • Assistance with insurance claims

Board Up Services Manchester, CTBoard-Up-Services

When property damaging events occur, it is important to respond in a timely manner. This translates to greater levels of protection for everything inside, from people and pets to personal belongings. While your initial reaction may be to seek long-term restoration solutions, these often take too long to plan and implement. Our emergency services result in cost-effective and practical safety measures for the time it takes to prepare for large-scale recovery efforts.

Emergency Response

To learn more about our board ups and tarping services in Manchester, CT, or to make use of our 24/7 emergency response capabilities, simply contact our representatives at (860) 499-3395. We are happy to address any of your questions or concerns, as we are fully aware of how stressful this process can be.

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