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Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration in Cedar Park, TX 78613


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Damage from smoke and soot is a common problem after your property has experienced a fire. Your building can sustain water damage from putting out the flames, charring, and potential mold growth from the excess water. However, residue from soot and smoke can cause the most damage to your property after a fire if immediate action is not taken. Corrosive byproducts like smoke and soot will linger after the fire is put out and settle on carpeting, walls, and other surfaces.

Fire-Damage-Restoration-in-Cedar-Park-TXRestorationMaster offers smoke and soot damage removal to homes and businesses in Cedar Park, TX. Our technicians will remove smoke damage and restore affected areas with our advanced techniques and powerful cleaning products. We are skilled and trained to efficiently clean various types of surfaces including brass, tile, aluminum, marble, porcelain, chrome, and carpeting.

Smoke and Soot Damage

Soot and smoke residue can continue to cause damage to the property after the flames are extinguished. The residue can further damage materials affected by the fire and spread to areas the fire did not reach. Soot, smoke, and other corrosive byproducts create an oily residue that settles on different materials and surfaces. The residue can cause permanent etching and tarnishing if not addressed immediately. Our professionals at RestorationMaster can handle smoke and soot removal and remediation from your property no matter the size of the damage.

Odor Removal

Smoke odors often get absorbed by carpeting, drywall, wood, furnishings, and other porous materials, which means the proper equipment is required to remove it. Our technicians will remove smoke odor particles from affected surfaces using our advanced deodorization equipment and methods. We will restore your property to its original state while also eliminating odors and smoke damage. We are available 24/7 to respond to emergency situations.

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