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Disaster Restoration in St. Charles, MD

Prime Restoration

(301) 287-4283

Prime Restoration has been offering excellent disaster restoration and cleaning services to homes and businesses in St. Charles, MD. Our highly trained technicians will provide you with quality restoration services and ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

Our dedicated owners George and Kelly Gibson, together with our technicians, make up a great team to provide you with the best restoration services possible. We use hi-tech equipment and methods to ensure quality results. We prioritize timeliness, quality, and excellent customer service.

Our disaster restoration services include:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Cleaning of content
  • Hoarding cleanup
  • Removal of asbestos
  • Reconstruction services

Have you been affected by a disaster at your property? We can help. Call Prime Restoration. We will respond quickly and ensure that we take the right steps to clean up the damage.

Water Damage Restoration – St. Charles, MDWater Damage Cleanup by Prime Restoration

Water damage at your property can happen at any time. Whether it is from flooding or a natural disaster, it is important to react right away. This will prevent further damage and avoid water from spreading through porous surfaces and causing mold growth. When water seeps into porous materials such as carpeting, furnishings, and other materials, it can cause splitting, cracking, and rotting. Prime Restoration can help with water damage restoration services in St. Charles, MD, and the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled technicians will use advanced restoration methods and dehumidification equipment to help dry the property and restore any damage that’s already been done.

Fire Damage Restoration – St. Charles, MDFire Damage Repair by Prime Restoration

Facing a fire at your property can be devastating, however having to deal with the aftermath can be even worse. Once the fire is out, there are byproducts and materials leftover that can cause further damage. It is crucial to call a professional restoration company after emergency services put out the fire, so they can get rid of the soot and smoke. Duraclean Restoration Services in Southern Maryland provides fire damage restoration services to homes and businesses in St. Charles, MD, and the surrounding areas. We are equipped and use the proper methods to clean and restore any damage caused by fire, smoke, or soot.

Mold Remediation – St. Charles, MDMold Removal and Remediation by Prime Restoration

Mold is a big issue for many home and business owners. It can cause extreme damage to a property and be harmful for your health. Mold feeds off various building materials such as wood and drywall and can cause structural damage at your property. There are also various upper respiratory issues that mold growth can cause with prolonged exposure. It can irritate your eyes and throat as well as worsen allergies. Prime Restoration can help by providing mold remediation services in St. Charles, MD, and the surrounding areas. We will remove the mold growth and restore your property.

Reconstruction Services – St. Charles, MDReconstruction Services by Prime Restoration

Your property can be damaged by various disasters including storms, flooding, and even fires. Each of these can leave you with structural damage which can cause your home or building to collapse. This is where restoration services alone are not going to be able to help you. Prime Restoration provides reconstruction services to help stabilize and repair homes or businesses in the St. Charles, MD area that have been heavily damaged. Our highly trained technicians will provide you with reconstruction services and will make sure to repair any interior and exterior damage to your property.

Content Cleaning – St. Charles, MDcontent cleaning by Prime Restoration

Natural disasters can cause major damage at your property. Whether the damage comes from a flood, fire, or a natural disaster, your personal belongings can get ruined quickly. This includes documents, clothing, electronics, and jewelry that can be permanently damaged if they don’t get properly restored. Prime Restoration can help you restore your damaged personal items after a disaster with our content cleaning services in St. Charles, MD, and the surrounding areas. We make sure your belongings are effectively cleaned and fully restored.

Hoarding Cleaning – St. Charles, MDhoarding cleaning by Prime Restoration

Hoarding is considered a mental disorder and it is a serious issue for millions of Americans as it can cause them to live in dangerous conditions. This condition may be caused by depression or anxiety that causes the person suffering from it to not get rid of any items which then pile up and make it difficult for them to move around in their home. When a home is filled with clutter, it can be unsanitary, cause injuries, and increase the risk of fire and mold growth. Therefore, it is crucial for family members to work with the person suffering from this condition and help them clean out their home. Only once they’ve agreed that they are ready for clean-up, call Prime Restoration for help. We provide hoarding cleanup services in St. Charles, MD, and the surrounding areas to clean and disinfect the property and ensure safe living conditions.

Asbestos Removal – St. Charles, MD Asbestos Removal by Prime Restoration

Before the 1970s, asbestos was used to insulate and fireproof homes. However, it was discovered that exposure to asbestos can cause serious health issues such as cancer and organ damage. Therefore, since 1989, it has been illegal to use asbestos in new home construction. If you think you may have asbestos in your home or business, make sure to reach out to our professionals to have it removed. Prime Restoration offers asbestos removal services in St. Charles, MD, and the surrounding areas. Our technicians will make sure all asbestos is removed from your property quickly and efficiently.

Biohazard And Trauma Scene Cleaning – St. Charles, MDbiohazard cleanup by Prime Restoration

If a violent crime or major accident has occurred on your property, it is important to stay composed and keep your distance from the scene.  It is common for these scenes to contain blood and bodily fluids that can easily spread infection or disease if they are not properly cleaned up.  Your first call should be to law enforcement and EMTs so they can respond to the scene.  After they respond, you need to contact a licensed professional that has the ability to safely restore the scene. Prime Restoration provides biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services in St. Charles, MD to safely restore the scene of a violent crime or major accident.  Our technicians will remove every trace of biohazard material and ensure that the scene is thoroughly disinfected to it is safe to use again.

Air Duct Cleaning – St. Charles, MDair duct cleaning by Prime Restoration

The HVAC system in your home or business is one of the most important systems, but it is often overlooked when problems occur. It is important to get your air ducts cleaned regularly to help eliminate allergens, pathogens, dust, and other debris that can not only cause health issues but also keep your system running smoothly. Prime Restoration provides professional air duct cleaning services in Greenbelt, MD to clean the air ducts and component parts. Our team of experienced technicians can clean any size air duct which will lower your utility bill and improve the air quality of your property.

Contact Prime Restoration 24/7 for Emergency Services

Reach out to Prime Restoration at (301) 287-4283 for all your fire and water restoration, mold removal, hoarding cleaning, and asbestos removal needs in St. Charles, MD, and the surrounding areas.

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Jamaar Meadows

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"I have nothing but great things to say about this service! Extremely professional and friendly customer service. Top notch workmanship. Thorough. Fast. and very talented team. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!"

Kim Knight

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"The guy showed up on time and did a wonderful job saving my carpet that was soaked with water. I would highly recommend using them"

Staven Stover

Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

“Expectations was excelled and exceeded, Billy and the young man Johnny was above and BEYOND professionals I understand theere there to do their job but we both was blown away with the mannerisms and extra care, for that I'm recommend high praise and 5 stars for the service and attention to all details”

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