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Fire Damage Restoration in Ramsey, NJ


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Fires can be a scary experience for home and business owners. Once the fire is out and emergency services leave, the restoration process should start right away. This is because there is leftover smoke and soot that can still further damage your property and personal belongings. Make sure to call a professional fire restoration company to help you with the restoration process.

RestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration services in Ramsey, NJ, and the surrounding areas.  Our highly skilled technicians will assess the damage, create a restoration plan, and follow it to restore your property. We have hi-tech equipment and methods to help fully restore your property back to its original state. We clean up soot and smoke and repair any structural damage as well.

Damage Caused by Fire and Smoke in Ramsey, NJ

Fires can be devastating on home and business owners as not only does fire burn everything it encounters, but it also can damage the structure of your building, making it unsafe for use.

When fire burns, it creates corrosive materials such as smoke and soot and other byproducts that can spread and cause further damage such as tarnishing, rusting, and etching. The damage caused by smoke and soot can become permanent without effective restoration. Also, there can be leftover water damage from the fire department putting out the fire.

Experiencing a fire at your home or business can be devastating, so to get your property cleaned and restored, make sure to call the professionals.

Watch RestorationMaster Video to learn more about Fire Damage Cleanup in Ramsey, NJ

Call B.O.R. of Tri-State Restoration at (973) 306-0963. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for fire damage cleanup and smoke & soot removal in Ramsey, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Get an estimate today!

Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Ramsey, NJ

Our skilled technicians at RestorationMaster have extensive experience in restoring homes and businesses after a fire. We will assess the damage, stabilize the property if needed, and do some pre- cleaning to prevent further damage. We will then create a restoration plan to make sure we address all fire, smoke, and soot damage. Our technicians will keep you informed along the way to ensure you are satisfied with our progress.

Our fire damage restoration services in Ramsey, NJinclude:

  • Assessment of the damage
  • Boarding up of windows and doors
  • Stabilizing of the building and fixing the structure
  • Cleaning soot
  • Removal of permanently damaged materials
  • Water and mold cleanup from extinguishing the fire
  • Removal of odors

Contact RestorationMaster for Fire Damage Restoration in Ramsey, NJ

After you’ve experienced a fire at your property, you should begin the restoration process right away. RestorationMaster will help you with fire emergencies to ensure proper cleaning and restoration. Call us today at (973) 306-0963 for fire damage restoration services in Ramsey, NJ.