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Damage Restoration & Cleaning in Pocatello, ID

ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration

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ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration has provided quality disaster cleanup services to Pocatello, ID, and its surrounding areas since 1999. Alma and Trina Stumpp pursued their dream of building a business in their community by purchasing the ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration franchise in Idaho Falls, ID that same year. Alma previously worked as a Sheriff deputy in Bonneville County and owned a carpet cleaning business. Trina formerly worked as a bookkeeper for community businesses in the Idaho area.

Our owners Alma and Trina Stumpp expanded their franchise and added a ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration location in Pocatello, ID in 2001. Ten years later, the franchise expanded again to Farr West, UT in the northern Utah area. Today we currently serve 15 counties and are one of the largest disaster restoration and cleaning companies in the southeast Idaho and northern Utah area. Our excellent customer service and quality work is what makes us the most trusted company for restoration services in the region.

In response to the Covid-19 situation, ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration provides professional sanitizing, cleaning, and disinfection services to businesses in the Pocatello, ID area.

Our company offers a variety of services as a licensed general contractor:

  • Water damage cleanup and restoration
  • Fire damage repair
  • Mold removal and remediation
  • Biohazard and trauma cleanup
  • Reconstruction services
  • Post-construction cleanup services
  • Sewage backup cleaning
  • Deodorization
  • Content cleaning and pack-out services
  • Residential and commercial restoration
  • Storm and wind damage repair
  • Emergency board-up
  • Dehumidification
  • Tile cleaning
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Hoarding cleaning

Our technicians are highly trained and equipped professionals that are committed to providing the best possible services to your home or business. We are certified by the Clean Trust, IICRC, and in EPA Lead Testing and Removal procedures. Our business has also earned a ServiceMaster Clean President’s cabinet award due to our commitment to providing quality restoration and cleaning services for our clients over the years.

You can call ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration at (208) 534-6919 for 24/7 emergency disaster restoration and cleaning services in Pocatello, ID and the surrounding regions.

Water Damage Restoration – Pocatello, IDFlood-Damage-Restoration-for-Pocatello-ID

Water damage can be caused by excessive rain, flooding, or problems in the home, such as a burst pipe. Its many sources make it a common form of property damage that requires a thorough, three-phase restoration process. Regardless of the cause, water damage is a serious issue and must be addressed immediately before it causes further damage. Water damage that is left to fester and spread will weaken the structure of the building and likely cause mold to grow. ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration provides complete water damage restoration services to the homes and businesses of the residents in Pocatello, ID.

Fire-and-Smoke-Damage-Restoration-in-Pocatello-IDFire Damage Restoration – Pocatello, ID

Fire is a devastating event in a person’s life because it can destroy homes and lives. The first course of action in a fire is to evacuate and prioritize the other occupants’ safety. Next, call professionals to ensure the fire is put out and reduce the damage. Your home or business requires immediate attention after a fire because leftover soot and smoke can spread and make the damage worse. ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration has fire damage restoration services to help the homes and businesses affected by fire in the Pocatello, ID area. Our technicians are skilled at cleaning and restoring objects affected by soot and smoke and repairing structural damage to the building.

Mold-Remediation-Services-in-Pocatello-IDMold Removal & Remediation – Pocatello, ID

Mold is a common problem for homeowners and business owners because it is easy for mold to grow and spread. All it needs is moisture and a proper food source for mold to grow, so it can appear in any space. Water damage is a leading cause of mold in homes, which is why it’s so important to address water damage right away. Mold is also common in building materials like wood and drywall because they contain cellulose, a food source for mold. Without quick removal, mold can cause structural damage to the building and increase allergic reactions and infections in those who frequently spend time in the building. ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration can remove mold from homes and buildings with its mold remediation services in Pocatello, ID. Our company proudly uses the Goldmorr mold removal system and our technicians will work efficiently to remove mold from your house or building.

Biohazard-Cleaning-Services-in-Pocatello-IDBiohazard and Trauma Cleaning – Pocatello, ID

Mold growth, sewage backups, and chemical spills are examples of instances where you will encounter biohazard materials on your property. A death or injury may create a trauma scene and expose you to blood and other substances. Call a professional immediately if you encounter biohazard or trauma materials on your property and need professionals to remove them. Avoid these materials and do not attempt to clean them yourself. ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration provides biohazard and trauma cleaning services in Pocatello, ID to safely clean up all dangerous and biohazard materials. All dangerous materials, such as sewage or blood, will be safely removed by our technicians, who will then use advanced equipment to disinfect the property.

Reconstruction-Services-in-Pocatello-IDReconstruction Services – Pocatello, ID

If you have property damage caused by a storm, flood, or fire, the repairs don’t stop after the restoration and cleaning process. You often need construction services to rebuild damaged structural elements on your property. ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration provides construction services to rebuild heavily damaged homes and buildings in the Pocatello, ID area. Our technicians will work hard to ensure that your property is properly rebuilt and returned to its original condition.

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To inquire about any disaster restoration or cleaning services in the Idaho Falls, ID area, call ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration at (208) 534-6919. Our emergency services are available 24/7.

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Recent Reviews

Spencer, ID
Love how they keep you informed of what is taking place!

Inkom, ID
The Service master people came out promptly to our flooded basement room. They removed carpet padding and set up fans and a dehumidifier. They returned daily until everything was dry. They were very professional.

The restoration cleanup crew has been exceptional. Very professional and friendly.They have kept me informed of everything that has been going on and have answered all my questions. The crew seemed to have good communication with each other, and had excellent team work. Thank you for making my disaster, a little more at ease.