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Drywall Taping and Mudding in Elgin, IL


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Drywall taping and mudding are one of the most crucial parts of the drywall installation process. After the drywall is installed in its place, the drywall taping and mudding need to be done. In order to make the drywall even, we apply tape to the butts of the drywall and finish with mudding.

The RestorationMaster offers drywall taping and mudding services in Elgin, IL. We will not allow any noticeable gaps or holes in your drywall. Our professionals take the time to tape and mud the seams of drywall together.  The most difficult steps in installing drywall are taping and mudding drywall.

Drywall Taping and Mudding Processes  in Elgin, IL

Our first step is to cover every joint with fiberglass mesh or paper tape. After that, we will apply a layer of mud. The initial layer is spread out consistently without any apparent excess mud using a thin mudding knife. Once the mud has dried, we’ll sand it down to be consistent with the sheetrock surface. Moreover, we will check any screws that may be visible. There is no need to use lots of mud to cover screws which are only able to penetrate the sheetrock paper. To provide the best smooth surface, we apply mudding to the screw heads.

The next step is to add two more layers of mud to each joint before sanding the surface. Following this procedure is going to be priming and painting. For that reason, drywall taping and mudding are so important. If your drywall does not get proper taping and mudding, your paint job will be poor. If you do not want to repeat the taping and mudding drywall process, you need to make sure that you call professional technicians.

Call Skilled Drywall Contractors in Elgin, IL

Drywall taping and mudding processes require physical labor and advanced techniques, however, these procedures should be easily accomplished by any qualified drywall contractor.

RestorationMaster are ready to provide any drywall installation and drywall repairs in Elgin, IL. Our experienced technicians use advanced taping and mudding drywall techniques. We will make sure that your drywall is finished and ready for painting.

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