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Hoarding cleaning is one of the more unglamorous jobs in the disaster restoration and cleaning industry because of the very real psychological factors at play. These aspects can largely be boiled down to something known as compulsive hoarding, a legitimate mental condition that incites extreme anxiety in affected individuals when they attempt to get rid of anything.

At RestorationMaster, we help affected individuals in Georgetown, TX face these difficulties, and return their property to a safe, sanitary condition through professional hoarding cleaning services.

The Dangers of Excessive Hoarding

Many of us have a tendency to keep things that we do not exactly need; however, hoarders take this to a completely different level because of their hoarding disorder. This can lead to a variety of dangerous situations for them, as well as anybody else living in the affected home.

  • The primary danger is that of a fire. We regularly see a number of fire hazards in the homes that we clean. While this may seem minor, it is important to consider the fact that hoarded items will simply act as fuel if a fire begins. To make matters worse, there will be fewer ways to exit the building due to blocked exits. This combination can be fatal, which is why we make a point to mention it first.
  • The buildup of allergens, bacteria, and mold is also unfortunately common. These elements can create a number of health risks for those exposed regularly, such as worsening allergies, respiratory infections, and even asthma attacks. It all begins because of areas that are rarely if ever, cleaned.
  • Tipping hazards are yet another factor that hoarders need to be aware of. Every year, individuals are injured because of hoarded items that have fallen on them or trapped them. Do not allow this to happen to yourself or a loved one.

Despite the severity of the above risks, it sometimes takes an outside influence (such as a friend or family member) to help a hoarder realize the danger that they are putting themselves and their loved ones in. This goes back to the psychological factors affecting them. Oftentimes, hoarders are too embarrassed to seek help until it is too late.

Trusted Hoarding Cleaning Services

RestorationMaster is a highly trusted and respected name in the hoarding cleaning industry because of our unique, effective approach. This process can be viewed in more detail below:

  • We first develop trust through open communication, understanding, and respect
  • Once trust is established, we will identify valuable belongings (e.g. jewelry, keepsakes, money, etc.)
  • We will help you determine which items to recycle, throw away, donate, or keep
  • If any paperwork from government agencies, trusts, lawyers, etc. comes up, we will assist you with it
  • We will restore and sanitize affected areas
  • To help you once we leave, we will give you a cleaning plan to follow
  • We will check in periodically on your progress

Free Estimate

To make use of our proven hoarding cleaning services, all you need to do is contact our RestorationMaster representatives. We can be reached at (512) 765-9630, and proudly assist homeowners in Georgetown, TX.