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Drywall Taping and Mudding in Aurora, IL

The RestorationMaster

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One of the most important parts of drywall installation is drywall taping and mudding. After the drywall is hung in place, it needs to be finished with taping and mudding. To make your drywall seamless and flawless, we tape to the butts of the drywall to have them join together and apply mud to hide the seam.

 RestorationMaster provides drywall taping and mudding services in Aurora, IL. Our professionals will not allow any visible signs of gaps or holes in your drywall. We spend any necessary time to tape and mud the joints of the drywall together. The drywall taping and mudding are the most challenging parts of the drywall installation process.

 Drywall Taping and Mudding Processes

The first step in the taping procedure is to cover every joint with fiberglass mesh tape or paper tape, which is subsequently coated with a layer of mud. A thin mudding knife is used to apply the first layer, which is spread out uniformly without any visible surplus mud. We’ll sand down the mud to make it flush with the sheetrock surface once it has dried.

Additionally, we’ll go over any screws that may be present. We do not need to use a lot of mud to cover screws. The top layer of sheetrock paper should never be torn by screws; instead, they should only be able to pierce it. Therefore, applying mud to screw heads simply aims to provide the most even surface possible.

We’ll continue to add two more layers of mud to each joint before further sanding the surface. The surface will eventually be completely ready for priming and painting, which is the following phase in the procedure. That is why you need to make sure that the drywall taping and mudding give you a smooth surface since painting unfinished drywall will result in a poor paint job. Having proper drywall taping and mudding is crucial because if you do not have that, you may need to repeat all taping and mudding processes.

Call Experienced Drywall Contractors in Aurora, IL

Although taping and mudding drywall require physical labor and difficult processes, any competent drywall contractor should be able to perform these tasks with ease.

RestorationMaster provides full services of drywall installation and drywall repairs in Aurora, IL. Our professional technicians will finish your drywall by using advanced taping and mudding techniques. We will provide a fully finished drywall which will be ready to paint.

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