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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Hannibal, MO

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration

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For over two decades, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration has been providing homes and businesses in Hannibal, MO, and the surrounding communities with terrific disaster restoration and cleaning services.

Larry Yingling, our owner, began this business in 1998. Now, we are a company that employs 25 IICRC-certified technicians who work full-time and are ready to provide restoration help 24/7. Aside from Hannibal, MO, we also offer our restoration and cleaning services to properties in four territories across western Illinois: Quincy, IL; Macomb, IL; Mt. Sterling, IL; and Jacksonville, IL.

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration offers professional commercial cleaning and disinfection services to businesses located in Hannibal, MO, and the neighboring areas.

At ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration, our employees are ready to help with emergencies through the various disaster restoration and cleaning services we offer. We provide the following services in the Hannibal, MO, area:

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Get in touch with ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration for disaster restoration and cleaning services in Hannibal, MO, by calling (217) 408-0418, where we are available on a 24/7 basis.

ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration‘s mission is to positively impact and help our community. We are committed to providing homes and businesses with the best disaster restoration and cleaning services while following our core values: achieving excellence and honoring God. Our dedication to exceptional results and tremendous customer service has earned us various accolades, including the 2016 Marion E. Wade Award — which is given to ServiceMaster’s best North American franchise. Following a disaster, you can feel at ease knowing our professional technicians will respond immediately and provide exceptional restoration and cleaning work.

Water-Damage-Restoration-in-Hannibal-MOWater Damage Restoration – Hannibal, MO

Water damage can be sourced by many things, including storms and pipe bursts. No matter the source, it is usually unexpected. But if water damage occurs in your residential or commercial property, then you need to address the damage immediately. Failing to do so will allow the damage to worsen. Any porous building materials will absorb the excess water, letting it spread to new areas and cause more damage. The affected materials will become discolored and warped. With enough time, the materials will experience structural damage and become the site of mold growth. With our water damage restoration services in Hannibal, MO, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration can help affected homes and businesses by removing excess water and restoring damaged materials and contents. Our professional technicians will thoroughly dry affected areas, using advanced equipment, and make structural repairs.

Flood-Damage-Cleanup-Hannibal-MOFlood Cleanup – Hannibal, MO

Whether it is from heavy rainfall or a pipe burst, a home or commercial building that has standing water will experience significant damage. This can include warping, rotting, structural damage, and even mold growth. This occurs because porous building materials absorb the excess water and moisture, which ruins their structure and spreads the damage. With our flood damage restoration services in Hannibal, MO, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration can help flood-damaged homes and businesses by extracting the standing water, restoring the damage, and disinfecting the property.

Mold-remediation-in-Hannibal-MOMold Remediation – Hannibal, MO

Mold can be very hazardous, which makes its presence in a home or commercial building concerning. Mold can cause extensive damage to structural elements and can result in health issues for anyone exposed to it. Most often, mold will grow as a result of water damage and high humidity. This is due to the fact that moisture plays a key role in mold growth and survival. Mold uses whatever material it has grown on as its food source, which is why it can cause structural damage. With our mold removal and remediation services in Hannibal, MO, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration can help mold-infested homes and businesses by locating and removing all mold growth in addition to restoring the affected areas.

Fire-Damage-Restoration-in-Hannibal-MOFire Damage Restoration – Hannibal, MO

Many home and business owners fear the disaster of a fire because of the severe damage it can cause to properties and the threat it poses to people’s safety. Fires can begin and spread quickly, as its flames devour any building materials and synthetic items. But the damage continues even after the fire has been extinguished. Smoke and soot cause secondary damage when they spread and settle throughout the property. This damage needs to be addressed promptly to prevent it from becoming permanent. With our fire damage restoration services in Hannibal, MO, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration can help fire-damaged homes and businesses by cleaning and rebuilding them following a fire. Our professional technicians have the necessary training and equipment to handle fire damage cleaning in its entirety. We can handle structural repairs, smoke and soot damage cleanup, and odor removal.

Reconstruction-Services-in-Hannibal-MOReconstruction Services – Hannibal, MO

Natural disasters can leave properties in an unstable condition, burdened with significant damage. From fires to floods to storms, natural disasters can be strong enough to cause severe damage to homes and businesses. In such an instance, these properties need more than just standard restoration work; they also require reconstruction work to fix the damage and restore them to their former state. With our reconstruction services in Hannibal, MO, ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration can help severely damaged homes and businesses by thoroughly repairing and rebuilding properties in the aftermath of a disaster. Our professional technicians have the knowledge and equipment needed to take care of the reconstruction process in its entirety. We will conduct disaster restoration work, remodel the foundation, and rebuild the property.

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