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Thank you for your time! We will review your information and get back to you as soon as possible.

If you feel there is something wrong with your submission, go back to the kick-off form. Otherwise, please see the notes below:


  1. The start of your RMF program depends on the date of submitting this form and providing us with all necessary information.
  2. Access to your Google Maps listing is required. We will create a listing if you do not have one.
  3. We use a local listing distribution service.
  4. We might start a small Adwords campaign to help your RMF program.
  5. We encourage you to email us case studies, reviews, blog posts, before/after images or videos to boost your RMF program (monthly).
  6. We will email you monthly reports on the progress of your RMF program (after the 2nd month).
  7. We update the RMF blog weekly. Feel free to share any posts that you like on your websites and social media – see
  8. * Please, add the RMF badge to your website and social media profiles and link to your RMF page. Use the link below or copy the badge image.

Suggested badge link code:
<a href=><img src=></a>