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Soot Puffback Cleaning in Norwich, CT 06360

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Soot and smoke are very damaging elements that can corrode and tarnish all types of surfaces, furnishings, and items throughout a home.  Exposure to these substances is also dangerous for your health.  If your home is heated by an oil furnace, gas fireplace, electric baseboards, or boiler system, you can end up dealing with smoke and soot in your home when a furnace or fireplace puffback occurs.  The oily soot that is blown out of the furnace and in-and-out of your HVAC system can cause serious damage to the surrounding walls and furnishings that can become permanent without proper cleaning.

ServiceMaster by Mason provides soot puffback cleaning services in Norwich, CT to cleanup and restore the effects of a furnace puffback.  Our technicians use advanced cleaning equipment and products to restore soot damaged materials and personal belongings, and remove smoke odors.

Damage Caused by Furnace Puffbacks

Soot Puffback Cleaning in Norwich, CT 06360Oil furnace systems are prone to soot puffbacks if there is a problem with the ignition that can cause an explosion or back-up within the system.  The explosion causes smoke, finite or thick soot, and debris to move through the system and in-and-out of the vents into your home, carrying the soot that began in your basement to all rooms and floors in your home. Puffbacks can also occur when gas logs shift in fireplaces or built-up dust in your baseboard heaters climb up walls with a “ghosting” effect.  The soot will settle on various surfaces and furnishings including drywall, wood, carpeting, drapes, ceiling tiles, and furniture.  All of these materials are vulnerable to tarnishing and corrosive damage and if they are not properly restored right away, they can become permanently damaged.

The finite or thick soot that is released cannot be cleaned with typical cleaners or over-the-counter products.  These simple products will only smear the soot and oil, or cause them to further permeate walls and porous items, worsening the damage. It takes professional cleaning with advanced products and methods to remove soot from affected surfaces and materials.  Our professionals will effectively remove soot damage, oily residue and strong odors, and restore the affected materials to their original condition.

Soot Puffback Cleaning in Norwich, CT

We use the best cleaning equipment, methods and products available to clean up the effects of a soot puffback and restore the affected surfaces and materials.  You can expect the ServiceMaster By Mason team us to provide comprehensive cleaning and restoration that also includes deodorization. Our technicians will arrive promptly after your call to limit the damage and start the restoration process. Fast action will help prevent permanent damage to the affected materials.

Our technicians are IICRC-certified, trained, and equipped to provide effective soot cleanup for any scenario including soot puffbacks.  Our professional grade cleaning products can successfully remove soot and residue from various surfaces and objects.  Once the soot is removed, we will repair and restore the damaged materials and provide deodorization to remove smoke odors.  You can expect our technicians to pay attention to detail to ensure that your home is fully restored. We work with all major insurance carriers and will provide the needed communication and details if you are pursuing an insurance claim.

Our furnace and fireplace puffback cleaning services include the following steps:

Call ServiceMaster by Mason for Furnace Puffback Cleaning

Our technicians at ServiceMaster by Mason have the expertise and equipment to fully restore a range of household surfaces and furnishings affected by soot from a fireplace or furnace puffback.  We are ready to respond immediately to your call to help prevent the damage from becoming permanent.

You can reach us at (860) 455-4969 for soot puffback cleaning in Norwich, CT.

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Charlestown, RI
Very professional- I called the day I realized I had a problem and the owner (phil mason) was there. This was a Saturday. The fact that he showed up on the weekend was all I needed David Lucchesi

Bristol, CT
It was very quick and thorough.

Somers, CT
We were so relieved to have actual professionals taking care of our mold find, especially after we inquired about a couple “treatment plans” from other companies. Ryan came in with his gear and showed us the real deal the others missed (like, 98% of the mold). He took air samples to send out. He had a logical plan forward that we felt absolutely positive about. This team made the others look like clowns and charlatans. We were thoroughly informed of what was being done and why, and I actually felt safe in my own home. There were many layers of inspection and testing, yet it was all done quickly. I’d recommend anyone with a mold problem to seek this team immediately. You’ll be wasting your time and money with anyone else!
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