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Hoarding Cleaning in Holmdel, NJ


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Hoarding is an issue that millions of Americans struggle with.  It is classified as a mental disorder as underlying anxiety and depression are what lead to the most common behaviors of hoarding, including allowing clutter to build up within the home.  Excessive clutter from hoarding behaviors creates dangerous and unsanitary conditions within the home that make it unsafe to live.  It is very important for homes affected by hoarding to be cleaned and restored, but the affected individual must make the decision to have their home cleaned before anything can be done.

At RestorationMaster, we provide hoarding cleaning services to help those affected by hoarding restore their homes to safe conditions in Holmdel, NJ.  Our technicians take a compassionate and respectful approach to these projects, and we work directly with the affected individual to create and implement a restoration and cleaning plan.  The individual will have the final say in the steps we take, and nothing will be removed from the home without their approval.

Dangers Caused by Hoarding

Hoarding Cleanup in Holmdel, NJThe reason hoarding is considered a mental disorder is because hoarding behaviors are caused by underlying feelings of anxiety and depression that prevent those affected from throwing things away.  This allows clutter to build to dangerous levels.

If you know someone who hoards and you are concerned for their safety, reach out to them to express your concerns.  Helping them understand the danger of their situation can help them make the decision to clean and restore their home.  You should only help them start the cleaning process after they agree to have it done.

Hoarding behaviors create dangerous living conditions in the following ways:

  • Fire hazard: Clutter presents a fire hazard as there are more things to potentially catch on fire and a fire will spread faster by burning through the clutter.
  • Blocked paths and escapes: The clutter can make it difficult to move around the home and could block exits which prevents escape from emergencies such as fires.
  • Tipping hazard: as the clutter piles up, the piles of objects are at risk of falling over which can cause injuries.
  • Mold and bacteria: The clutter provides the right environment for mold, bacteria, and other dangerous substances to form which can create unsanitary conditions and put the health of those in the home at risk.

Professional Hoarding Cleaning

At RestorationMaster, we understand that hoarding cleaning is a delicate situation which is why we take a respectful and compassionate approach.  We will create a cleaning plan while involving the affected individual and nothing will be removed from the home without their direct approval.

Our hoarding cleaning services include the following:

  • Establishing trust: We start by meeting with the affected individual to establish a feeling of mutual trust and respect. Once we have earned their trust, we can work with them to plan the cleaning and restoration of their home.
  • Form cleaning plan: The affected individual will be involved in the planning process and will have final say on what gets removed from the property. We will clean and restore safe conditions within the home once all unwanted clutter is removed.
  • Follow up: We will contact the individual after the cleaning and restoration are done to check on the condition of their home. We can provide additional help if necessary.

It is important to approach loved ones who struggle with hoarding delicately and to hold off any real action until the affected individual decides to move forward with cleaning their home.  You can call our professionals at RestorationMaster if they need professional help to clear the clutter and restore safe conditions.

Call RestorationMaster at (732) 338-0713 for professional hoarding cleaning in Holmdel, NJ.

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