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Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Tinton Falls, NJ


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Water Damage Restoration – Tinton Falls, NJ

Water damage will create long lasting issues if not taken care of immediately. It’s crucial that you contact a professional service to avoid structural rot and mold from forming. RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration in Tinton Falls, NJ. Our technicians will quickly respond to extract water and dry the affected areas to restore the property from any water damage.


Fire Damage Restoration – Tinton Falls, NJ

A fire will cause fast destruction, but even if you extinguish it, damage will continue from smoke, smoot, and ash. It’s important to call a disaster restoration service that will perform after fire cleanup and repairs and take all factors into account. RestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration in Tinton Falls, NJ. We will remove debris, board up and stabilize the structure, and put a full fire restoration plan in place to restore the property.

Mold Remediation – Tinton Falls, NJ

Mold will eat away at a building’s surfaces over time if ignored for too long. It may also cause respiratory health issues if occupants of the property if not taken care of professionally. RestorationMaster provides mold remediation in Tinton Falls, NJ. Our mold specialists will find all traces of mold, contain the growth, and completely eliminate it from the property.


Biohazard Cleanup – Tinton Falls, NJ

The scene of a crime or serious accident will have a host of dangerous biohazards present. This can include blood, bodily tissue, or even chemicals that are dangerous to approach. RestorationMaster provides biohazard cleanup in Tinton Falls, NJ. Our technicians will promptly arrive to the trauma scene to dispose of hazardous materials and disinfect and clean the property.


Hoarding Cleanup – Tinton Falls, NJ

A hoarding habit that gets out of control will create a dangerous and unsanitary living condition for the affected individual. It’s important to intervene and contact a professional for assistance in handling the cleanup. RestorationMaster provides hoarding cleanup in Tinton Falls, NJ. Our technicians will work alongside the affected individual to clean out excess items and donate or recycle them at local facilities.

Disinfection Services – Tinton Falls, NJ

A workplace with coronavirus or a bad flu going around can cause a halt to production and endanger the health of employees. It’s a good idea to get the facility disinfected to restore operations and trust. RestorationMaster provides disinfection services in Tinton Falls, NJ. We will fog the building with a wide spectrum biocide and wipe down high touch surfaces with hospital grade disinfectant to ensure harmful pathogens are eliminated.

Sewage Cleanup – Tinton Falls, NJ

A sewage backup or septic spill will produce harmful waste and hazardous materials. Don’t approach sewage yourself. Instead, contact a professional to perform effective sewage extraction and cleanup. RestorationMaster provides sewage cleanup in Tinton Falls, NJ. Our technicians will arrive quickly to perform sewage removal. Then, we will disinfect and clean any areas affected by the sewage to restore the property.