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Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Holmdel, NJ


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Water Damage Restoration – Holmdel, NJ

Water damage is a common problem in homes and businesses because many things from wet weather conditions and flooding to sewage backups, burst pipes, leaks, and overflows can result in water damage.  The problem with excess water and moisture is that it gets absorbed into porous building materials and furnishings which can lead to structural damage and mold growth.  At RestorationMaster, we provide water damage restoration services in Holmdel, NJ to dry and restore affected homes and businesses.  Our professionals use advanced equipment to remove the water and moisture and we will dry and restore the damaged materials.

Flood Cleanup – Holmdel, NJ

Indoor flooding can cause immense damage as the excessive amount of water will quickly penetrate surrounding building materials and furnishings.  The affected materials are at risk of mold growth and structural damage as they will continue to weaken as they absorb more water.  Flood water needs to be removed right away to prevent serious damage and it must be done properly.  RestorationMaster provides flood cleanup services to help flooded homes and businesses in Holmdel, NJ.  We have the proper equipment to remove standing water and handle the drying properly to prevent further damage and restore the affected areas.

Sewage Backup Cleaning – Holmdel, NJ

Water can cause serious property damage within a home or building, and the damage is much worse if the water contains sewage.  Sewage can become a problem indoors when there is a sewage backup, or the property is flooded by water that is already contaminated and it can quickly cause permanent damage while putting your health at risk.  You need to stay clear of any areas of your property that may contain sewage and call for professional cleanup immediately.  At RestorationMaster, we provide sewage backup cleaning to help homes and businesses affected by sewage in Holmdel, NJ.  Our professionals can safely remove the sewage, dry the affected areas and materials, and clean and disinfect the affected areas.

Fire Damage Restoration – Holmdel, NJ

Few disasters invoke the same level of fear as a fire as fires can quickly cause major damage to a home or building and put lives in danger.  If a fire occurs, evacuating the building and putting the fire out are top priorities, but putting the fire out doesn’t stop the damage.  Smoke, soot, and other byproducts left behind will continue to spread and cause damage until the property can be restored.  This makes it important to start the restoration as soon as the fire is out.  RestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration services in Holmdel, NJ to help repair and restore homes and businesses after a fire.  Our technicians can stabilize and repair structural damage, clean up smoke and soot, and remove lingering odors.

Mold Remediation – Holmdel, NJ

Mold is a dangerous substance to find in your home or building because it can cause significant damage if given enough time and put your health at risk.  Mold tends to appear in areas where it has a moisture source, and it feeds on cellulose found in building materials like wood and drywall.  In time, the damage to the affected materials will get worse which can lead to structural damage and the risk of health effects will increase the longer you are exposed.  At RestorationMaster, we provide mold remediation services to remove mold from homes and buildings in Holmdel, NJ.  Our professionals will isolate and remove all mold growth and repair the damage caused by the mold.

Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning – Holmdel, NJ

It is very difficult to encounter the scene of a major accident or death on your property and the scene itself may be very dangerous.  Biohazard materials like blood and other bodily fluids are often present at trauma and crime scenes and exposure to these materials can lead to infection or disease.  It is very important to call the proper authorities to respond to the scene as well as a professional that can safely clean up the biohazard materials.  RestorationMaster provides biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services in Holmdel, NJ to safely restore the scene of a violent crime or accident.  Our technicians cooperate with law enforcement and can thoroughly clean and disinfect the scene to restore safe conditions.

Hoarding Cleaning – Holmdel, NJ

Hoarding is a problem that affects millions of Americans and the behaviors associated with hoarding create dangerous conditions within the home.  Hoarding is a mental disorder in which anxiety and depression prevent those affected from being able to throw anything away, resulting in dangerous clutter buildup.  It is important for homes affected by hoarding to be cleaned out, but this should only be done when the affected individual decides to proceed with the cleaning.  At RestorationMaster, we provide hoarding cleaning services to help restore the homes of those affected by hoarding in Holmdel, NJ.  Our technicians take a respectful approach and involve the affected individual in every step of the cleaning process while restoring safe conditions in the home.