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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Matawan, NJ

ServiceMaster by Replacements

(732) 844-6232

For over 30 years, ServiceMaster by Replacements has served the town of Matawan, NJ and the surrounding areas of Monmouth, Union, and Ocean counties with emergency disaster restoration and cleaning services. Our business is family owned and operated and always ready to help our community the second a disaster strikes.

ServiceMaster by Replacements is available to provide disinfection and cleaning services to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the Matawan, NJ area.

Our disaster restoration and cleaning services in Matawan, NJ primarily include the following:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Fire restoration
  • Crime scene cleaning and biohazard cleanup
  • COVID-19 disinfection services
  • Mold removal

Each of our professionals at ServiceMaster by Replacements is fully licensed, IICRC-certified and insured for your peace of mind. We also use advanced equipment and products to guarantee the best results, restoring your property to its original condition efficiently and effectively. All personal items can also be restored within our 10,000 square foot facility.

ServiceMaster by Replacements not only works with a number of major insurance carriers in the Matawan, NJ area, but we are a preferred vendor. Our professionals are available at (732) 844-6232 for complete disaster restoration and cleaning services in the Matawan, NJ area.

Water Damage Restoration and Sewage Cleanup in Matawan, NJWater Damage Restoration – Matawan, NJ

There are a number of potential sources capable of causing water damage. Everything including heavy rain and flooding to manmade disasters like burst pipes, sewage backups, appliance leaks and more can result in water damage in homes and buildings. Addressing water damage right away is crucial when it comes to preventing its spread and the formation of mold growth. In fact, mold can grow in as little as 24 hours after the initial damage, causing problems for both your property structure and health. Excess water and flooding can cause furnishings and other porous materials to face considerable damage, including rotting, warping and permanent damage. ServiceMaster by Replacements is available 24/7 in Matawan, NJ and the surrounding areas to provide water damage restoration. Our professionals are fully prepared to respond right away to all water damage emergencies.

Fire Damage Restoration in Matawan, NJFire Damage Restoration – Matawan, NJ

As soon as a fire starts, everyone’s safety is at risk. But even after everyone has evacuated and the flames are extinguished, the damage continues to spread. The smoke and soot flowing throughout the property will cause permanent damage to the remaining surfaces, compromising their structural makeup if not removed right away. ServiceMaster by Replacements provides fire damage restoration services in the Matawan, NJ area to remove all smoke and soot byproducts while using advanced technology to remove the remaining odors. Our professionals are licensed and trained to first stabilize the structure, followed by conducting emergency pre-cleaning to address the items facing the highest risk of permanent damage.

Mold Removal in Matawan, NJMold Removal – Matawan, NJ

Mold is not only annoying to find, but it can severely damage the property structure, not to mention cause a number of health issues. As it grows in the presence of moisture, a simple leak or specific level of humidity is enough for it to develop and spread throughout the home or building. It usually grows on porous materials, including drywall, insulation, flooring, furnishings and more. The affected materials will become rotted, warped, stained, and weakened over time. A professional such as ServiceMaster by Replacements must be called in to provide mold removal if you live in the Matawan, NJ area. Our professionals use mold detection and removal equipment to identify and remove all sources within the property.

Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleaning in Matawan, NJBiohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup – Matawan, NJ

It’s not only overwhelming to discover a severe injury or death on your property, it’s also dangerous. These contaminated areas are filled with dangerous bacteria, pathogens and viruses within blood and bodily fluids which can contribute to infectious diseases. This is why it’s important for a professional to handle the cleanup. ServiceMaster by Replacements is available in the Matawan, NJ area to provide biohazard cleanup services for homes and buildings. Our professionals use personal protective equipment (PPE) and advanced cleaning products to remove all biohazards, bacteria, and odors to efficiently restore the property to its original condition.

Disinfection-and-Cleaning-Services-in-Matawan-NJDisinfection Services – Matawan, NJ

It is crucial to keep a home or office building cleaned and sanitized to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, including the flu, cold and coronavirus. As these properties begin to reopen, all customers, employees and guests must be protected. ServiceMaster by Replacements provides disinfection and cleaning services in Matawan, NJ and the surrounding areas. We use hospital-grade, EPA and CDC-approved cleaning products to effectively clean commercial properties and prevent the spread of germs.

Sewage-Cleanup-Services-in-Matawan, NJSewage Cleanup – Matawan, NJ

When sewage mixes with water, you get a nightmare scenario. This sewage water contains bacteria and harmful waste material, and will also cause extensive water damage to a building. ServiceMaster by Replacements is ready to provide sewage removal in Matawan, NJ. Our technicians will extract all sewage water, dry the area, and restore your home or business to a safe condition.

Hoarding-Cleaning-for-Matawan-NJHoarding Cleanup – Matawan, NJ

Hoarding is often the result of depression, anxiety, or other forms of mental distress. It’s critical that you reach out to a loved one if they are affected by hoarding, as the situation can only worsen. ServiceMaster by Replacements provides hoarding cleanup services in Matawan, NJ. Our technicians will approach the affected individual with empathy and establish trust as we help clean out the property.

Flood Cleanup – Matawan, NJFlood-Damage-Restoration-ServiceMaster-by-Replacements-Matawan-NJ

A flood may result from a heavy rainstorm, leaking appliance, or a pipe break in the basement. If you discover a flood on your property, contact a professional to remove the floodwater as soon as possible. ServiceMaster by Replacements provides flood cleanup in Matawan, NJ. Our flood restoration specialists will extract all water, dry the area of moisture, and get things back to normal.


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Don’t hesitate to contact ServiceMaster by Replacements at (732) 844-6232 for any of the restoration or cleaning services listed above.

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