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Hoarding Cleanup in Freehold, NJ


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Hoarding is a very sensitive situation in most cases, but it should not be taken lightly. There are many factors that can cause an individual to lead to this situation. It is important to work with a disaster restoration team that understands and can approach the situation with care and empower the affected individual during the hoarding cleanup process.

At RestorationMaster, our technicians provide hoarding cleaning services in Freehold, NJ. Our staff is IICRC certified and highly trained to help those affected by hoarding. Our hoarding cleanup team will remove excess items and dispose of unwanted contents to help the individual return to a healthy livelihood.

Hoarder home packed with stored boxes, vintage electronics, files, business equipment and household items.

Hoarding Tendencies

Hoarding habits are often developed as a result of anxiety, depression, or other forms of mental distress. As time passes, items can accumulate and create unsanitary living conditions. Hazardous materials such as mold and bacteria in addition to blocked escape routes within the home can create a dangerous living environment. It is important to address these concerns as soon as possible to prevent the situation from becoming worse.

Hoarding tendencies often create the following hazards in the home:

  • Blocked Escape Routes: Items that have piled up can block pathways or entrances to safety during an emergency.
  • Fire Hazards: Hoarded items are often located in areas that are exposed to fire hazards such as appliances, outlets, ovens, candles, and other sources of heat.
  • Tipping Hazards: Items that have been piled high fall and cause injury.
  • Infectious Bacteria: The accumulation of items also comes with dust, mold, bacteria, and other debris. These materials can cause allergies and pose health risks over time.

Hoarding Cleanup in Freehold, NJ

For over 30 years, RestorationMaster has been the chosen provider in helping with hoarding situations. Our trained technicians approach every hoarder case with empathy and professionalism. We will work with the affected individual to empower them in being a part of the cleanup. They will get to decide what gets thrown away, donated, or recycled.

We provide the following hoarding cleanup services in Freehold, NJ:

  1. Creating Trust with the Individual: We understand that this situation is delicate, so our first step is establishing a relationship with the affected individual.
  2. Establishing a Plan: We will work together with the individual to create a cleanup plan that they accept. This consists of choosing which items can be taken to a recycling facility or a donation center.
  3. Follow Up: After the clean-up has taken place, the affected individuals must be regularly checked upon to ensure good habits remain in place. Our technicians will periodically make follow-up phone calls to guarantee the situation is under control.

Contact Us for Hoarding Services in Freehold, NJ

RestorationMaster is available 24/7 to respond to cases of hoarder cleanup in the Freehold, NJ area.

Contact us today at (732) 338-0713.

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