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Mold Remediation in Brandon, FL

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Mold spores are in the air all around us and for the most part, they don’t cause trouble. However, spores in an area with high humidity and a food source like wood or drywall will quickly spawn and grow into a full mold colony. In as little as 48 hours, mold can grow and keep growing until it’s stopped. It’s more than just a blemish on a wall; mold damages household surfaces and causes respiratory problems. For someone who already has a respiratory condition or compromised immune system, it could become dangerous.

Graystone Restoration provides mold remediation services to clients in Brandon, FL to remove mold growth from areas of 10 square feet or less. Our technicians have the cleaning products and equipment to safely and effectively remediate mold within this size, and we work with a national environmental services company that can test for and remove mold from larger areas. This is not a DIY job; without proper training and protective gear, mold can be spread and you can become seriously ill.

Mold Remediation in Brandon, FL

Mold Removal in Brandon, FL

At Graystone Restoration, our technicians are fully trained in the best, most effective mold remediation techniques. We provide consistent service and offer all of our clients:

  • A detailed remediation plan
  • Standardized line item descriptions
  • Pricing guidelines for your area

We provide comprehensive mold remediation to customers in Brandon, FL for isolated contaminations within a 10 square foot space or less that don’t require additional expensive testing. For larger areas of contamination, we’ll isolate the area, contact your insurance company and recommend an environmental testing service to handle the remediation. Graystone Restoration works with a national environmental services company that provides mold testing and inspection, lab analysis, and quality mold remediation services at a reasonable price.

If you find mold growing in your home or business in Brandon, FL, call the professionals at Graystone Restoration immediately. We have the knowledge and equipment to handle small mold remediation jobs, and we can isolate and contain larger infestations until a national environmental services company can arrive.

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