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Mold Remediation St. Petersburg FL

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Mold Remediation Cleaning Services St. Petersburg, FLMold can be a difficult problem to prevent in your home or building because mold spores are a constant natural presence ready to form into mold in the right conditions.  The spores just need a moisture source and an organic food source to trigger mold growth which makes it most likely to occur in humid conditions or after experiencing water damage.

ServiceMaster 24 Hour provides mold remediation services for contaminations that cover less than 10 square feet for homes and businesses in St. Petersburg, FL.  For mold contaminations that spread beyond an area of 10 square feet, we will effectively contain the growth and recommend a national environmental services company for testing and mold remediation.

Mold can be difficult and even dangerous to remove which is why you must call a professional like ServiceMaster 24 Hour for safe and competent mold remediation services.  Hesitating to call for mold remediation services can be dangerous as well because it allows the mold to keep spreading and causing more property damage, while greatly increasing the risk of developing allergies or infections caused by mold exposure.  Our technicians are fully prepared to remove small mold contaminations within 10 square feet with the best cleaning products and equipment in the industry, and we will keep your insurance company informed on our observations.

Our mold removal services include the following:

  • Highly trained, expert technicians
  • Detailed operational procedures
  • Consistent service
  • Standardized item line descriptions
  • Regional price guidelines

Our mold remediation services are the most effective when treating small contaminations that do not need additional testing.  If your mold problem covers an area larger than 10 square feet, we will contain the mold growth so it does not spread any further, inform your insurance company of the damage, and put you in contact with an environmental testing service to provide effective mold remediation.  ServiceMaster 24 Hour has a partnership with an environmental testing service that provides quality mold remediation and additional services that include lab analysis and testing.

Mold growth requires immediate attention regardless of the scope so make sure you call ServiceMaster 24 Hour right away for mold remediation services in St. Petersburg, FL.  Our technicians will clean up mold growth within 10 square feet and contain larger contaminations until they can be treated by our environmental testing service partner.

You Can Call us Anytime at (727) 228-7282 for More about Our Mold Remediation Services

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Tampa, FL
They arrived on time with each visit. They were extremely professional and explained each situation to me.

Port Richey, FL
Prompt and professional service!

Tampa, FL
ServiceMasters were at my home within a hour and a half ! Quickly found the leak and had the drying process up and running very quickly. Scott was very understanding and worked quickly. Joe and Randle were also very kind removing everything. I highly recommend them.
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