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Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning for Brandon, FL

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Nobody is ever prepared to encounter a trauma scene. After the initial shock disappears, it’s tempting to begin cleaning up immediately, but that’s the worst thing you can do. Biohazards like blood, tissue and other bodily fluids can spread infection and disease and it’s often impossible to tell what’s been contaminated. Even worse, a trauma scene is often a crime scene, and disturbing even the smallest item can compromise the investigation. RestorationMaster provides high quality trauma scene cleaning and biohazard removal for residential and commercial clients in Brandon, FL. We respond quickly and discreetly 7 days a week to clean, sanitize, and remove all biohazards so the area is safe for human habitation.

You should never try to clean a trauma scene on your own. Commercially available cleaners and equipment aren’t strong enough to handle this type of cleanup, let alone sanitize it. Biohazard materials can’t be disposed of in ordinary garbage, and without the proper handling and protective equipment, it’s easy to spread possible infections and diseases. Most people can’t bear the thought of cleaning up a trauma scene, especially if it occurred at their home or business. The experts at RestorationMaster have the training and equipment to thoroughly clean and sanitize trauma scenes at homes and businesses in Brandon, FL. We remove all traces of biohazards in approved containers to a licensed facility for legal disposal.

Trauma scenes are more complicated than other restoration projects because many times they are also active crime scenes. At RestorationMaster, we take every necessary precaution to ensure that we don’t jeopardize the work of law enforcement authorities. We work quickly but discreetly and keep in mind at all times that these projects can become highly emotional for our clients. If necessary, we can refer family and friends to specially trained counselors who can help them deal with the situation.

If you discover a trauma scene at your home or business in Brandon, FL, leave the scene immediately and call 911. Don’t reenter or let anyone else in until the authorities give you permission. Once you get the all-clear, call RestorationMaster day or night, 7 days a week, at (813) 518-8555. We’ll arrive quickly and discreetly to remove all biohazard materials, then clean and sanitize the entire area so it’s safe for human habitation. You’ll be available to manage tasks only you can handle.