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Hoarding Cleaning Services for Brandon, FL

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Hoarding is becoming more recognized as a symptom of an anxiety disorder. The Mayo Clinic’s website lists several symptoms of hoarding, including a persistent inability to throw things away, letting food or trash pile up to unsanitary levels, and living spaces so cluttered that some areas can’t be used. This kind of situation will only worsen over time, so it’s important to call RestorationMaster for their hoarding cleaning services for clients in Brandon, FL. We’ll help sort through the items, remove them and sanitize the home, all while keeping the individual in control of the process.

Hoarding is different than collecting because collectors will seek out certain items, display them and care for them. Hoarders typically save items for one or more reasons:

  • The items will be needed or valuable in the future.
  • The items have positive emotional memories.
  • They feel safer surrounded by items.

The items accumulate, attracting dust, insects, rodents, mold, and block areas of the home if allowed to continue. Most hoarders don’t realize there is a problem, so it’s up to family and friends to help them understand there’s a problem and that it’s time to call for help. They may be too embarrassed to call themselves.

RestorationMaster’s experts are trained and equipped to clean and restore hoarder’s homes. We’ll disinfect the home and make it safe to live in again. Our hoarding cleaning process includes:

  • Saving valuables like jewelry
  • Taking unwanted items to charities, recycling centers or trash
  • Helping decide what to keep, donate, recycle or discard
  • Distributing items to family
  • Assisting with paperwork from trusts, attorneys, and government agencies

RestorationMaster Hoarding Cleaning Services

At RestorationMaster, we believe in emphasizing trust and respect between our technicians and our clients. That’s why we put the individual in charge of deciding what happens to items in the home. This plan was developed as part of a partnership between RestorationMaster and Matt Paxton, founder of Clutter Cleaner and an expert on A&E’s “Hoarders.” It provides effective cleaning while keeping the individual involved in the process. The three phase approach includes:

Phase 1 – Building a personal connection. We try to get an assessment of the situation before we walk in the home. We work to build a personal connection with the client based on respect and trust. We’ll develop a cleaning plan with the client and family, and help find qualified counseling if necessary.

Phase 2 – Forming and implementing a cleaning plan. A plan ensures that all unwanted items are removed from the home. After the items are gone, we’ll help reorganize and sanitize the home. Our clients make the final call on what is kept, donated or thrown away.

Phase 3 – Follow up. We help create a cleaning plan to maintain the home after we leave. We’ll make a follow up call to check on their progress and see if a return visit is needed. The client is in control of the situation at all times.

If you know someone in Brandon, FL who is struggling with hoarding, don’t let them suffer. Call the professionals at RestorationMaster. We’ll help clean and sanitize the home so it’s safe again. Call us at (813) 518-8555.