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Fire Damage Restoration in New York, NY

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A fire breakout in a home or commercial building can get out of hand quickly and cause a significant amount of damage to your property and personal belongings. A fire can be caused by various factors such as smoking, cooking, candles, electrical items as well as appliances like the dryer, in your home. Even when the fire has been extinguished, various corrosive byproducts and soot continue to tarnish and etch various items and features in the affected space.

RestorationMaster is a leading company in this industry, and we provide effective fire damage restoration in New York, NY. We are very quick with our response and our technicians will be at your location within 1 to 2 hours of your call. They work quickly to limit the damage and expertly treat all the affected items before any of the damage becomes permanent.

Fire Damage Restoration- the Work Process

Fire Damage Restoration in New York, NYIn most instances, fire damage affects the furnishings and structural elements in your home; and they damage your personal belongings as well. Our highly experienced and well-trained technicians will restore all these objects. Advanced chemical cleaners will be used to remove the etching and tarnishing from various surfaces in your home such as brass, aluminum, chrome, upholstery, carpeting, marble, tile and porcelain etc. The steps our technicians follow in the fire damage restoration process are:

  • Emergency pre-cleaning solutions
  • Content cleaning & pack-out
  • Ceiling and wall cleaning
  • Odor removal

It doesn’t take long for the corrosive byproducts and soot to cause damage; this is why it’s crucial that you call us as soon as the fire has been extinguished. While you wait for our expert technicians to arrive, there are some things you can do to limit the damage:

The Dos

  • Open all the windows if the temperature is higher than 60 degrees- this helps air out the indoor spaces
  • Wipe-off all surfaces made of aluminum, Formica, porcelain and chrome- this helps curtail the damage that etching and tarnishing  causes
  • If the furnace filter in your home uses hot air, you should change it
  • Filter all the loose soot from the indoor air, by placing a damp cheesecloth on top of every return & supply register
  • Discard all open food packages
  • If the power goes out, clean-out the inside of the refrigerator
  • Keep aside any smoke-damaged clothing you find- we also provide restoration dry cleaning services

The Don’ts

  • Don’t touch any woodwork, upholstery or walls that are covered with soot; the oils from your palms can seep into these materials and will worsen the damage
  • Don’t attempt to clean any soot damaged walls- using incorrect methods will also worsen the damage
  • Don’t try to clean the upholstery or carpeting
  • Don’t use the electrical appliances until they have been inspected by experts
  • Don’t use any electrical fixtures that are attached to wet ceilings

We provide excellent 24/7 fire damage restoration in New York, NY to residential and commercial customers. In case your property has been affected by a fire, call RestorationMaster without delay at (888) 915-7197.