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Carpet Cleaning in New York, NY

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Regardless of how well-decorated your home or office is, a worn out, dull and dirty carpet can affect its overall appearance. A great carpet adds to the aesthetics of a room; however, regular foot traffic will eventually cause it to look dirty and drab which will affect the look of the room as well. If you want to maintain the comfort and appearance of your home or office space, it’s important that you ensure your carpet is regularly cleaned and that all the dust and debris is removed from its fibers.

We at RestorationMaster provide excellent, commercial and residential carpet cleaning services in New York, NY. We use the latest techniques and cleaning agents to remove all debris and stains from the carpeting; this helps improve its appearance and adds to its longevity as well.

Residential Carpet Cleaning in New York

Your carpet is probably one of the most-used furnishings in your home as it has to endure a lot of foot traffic. Over time, the debris and dirt settles deep into its fibers and leads to discoloration and stains. If the carpets aren’t cleaned with regularity, this build-up of dirt and debris eventually leads to deterioration in the carpet’s fibers. This can best be prevented with professional carpet cleaning services at least once a year.

Carpet Cleaning – The Process

We use the effective hot water extraction method in our work.  This is the best and safest way to deep clean & restore carpets to their original state. In this method, the carpets are steam-cleaned with a well-balanced, mild detergent & hot water solution. The steps we follow are:

  • Our technicians will first inspect the carpet thoroughly
  • The stains and spots will be treated first
  • High traffic areas will be pre-treated
  • The hot water extraction method will be used to clean the carpets
  • Stubborn stains will be treated again
  • The fibers will be groomed to improve their appearance and help them dry within 24 hours
  • Pads will be placed under all the furniture legs to protect the carpet
  • The final inspection will be done for your approval

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Dirty carpeting in your office can impact the ambience of the indoor space. It can also leave a bad impression on visitors, clients, and customers as well as your staff. We use the specialized hot water extraction method to clean commercial carpeting of all types and can design the perfect carpet maintenance plans that ensure the longevity and looks of your carpet. There are several benefits to opting for these services, such as:

  • Extended carpet life
  • Carpet color and texture consistency is maintained
  • The fibers are protected from wear & tear, staining and matting
  • All the dirt and debris will be completely removed from the carpet
  • When you ensure your carpet is clean, it helps maintain cleaner indoor air and creates a comfortable atmosphere in your office
  • It also leaves a good impression on your visitors and clients.

To schedule an appointment for high-grade, residential and commercial carpet cleaning in New York, NY, call RestorationMaster. You can reach us at (888) 915-7197 for more information about our continued carpet maintenance services.