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Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleaning Services for New York, NY


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Every technician that works for RestorationMaster has the training, certification, and experience to provide effective clean up services for crime and trauma scenes and we will sanitize and disinfect the area within compliance of local, state, and federal laws.  We use the most powerful cleaning products and hospital grade sanitization available to clean, disinfect, and deodorize the scene and we will make sure all biohazard materials are safely disposed of at a licensed facility.  The complete services that we provide in New York, NY include crime scene cleaning, trauma scene cleaning, suicide cleanup, biohazard cleaning, death cleanup, after death cleanup, homicide cleaning, blood cleanup, and bio recovery services.

You can call us 24 hours a day at (888) 915-7197 for emergency services in New York City and the surrounding areas.

Crime Scene Cleaning New York, NYCrime Scene Cleaning – New York, NY

Experiencing a violent crime on your property can be traumatic but taking the right steps in the aftermath is very important.  Law enforcement must be called immediately to investigate the crime scene along with a certified crime scene cleaning professional to clean and restore the scene.  RestorationMaster provides crime scene cleaning services in New York, NY to clean and restore the scene of a violent crime.  We will thoroughly clean and disinfect the crime scene to make the area safe for use and we are trained to cooperate with law enforcement officials as they carry out the investigation.

Trauma Scene Cleaning in New York, NYTrauma Scene Cleaning – New York, NY

Trauma scenes that involve a major injury or death can be overwhelming to encounter in a lot of ways but it is important to try to remain calm and take the right actions.  These scenes usually contain biohazard materials such as blood and bodily fluids that can easily spread disease and infection if they are handled improperly.  It takes an experienced certified professional to handle biohazard materials and RestorationMaster provides trauma scene cleaning services in New York, NY to safely remove biohazard materials and restore the scene.  Our technicians can disinfect the area to make it safe for use and we take a compassionate and respectful approach to help ease the stress of those who are grieving.

Suicide Cleanup – New York, NYSuicide Cleaning in New York, NY

Suicides are always a very difficult situation to deal with and discovering the scene of a suicide can be quite devastating.  These scenes are not only overbearing, but they can also be quite dangerous and must be cleaned up by a certified professional.  RestorationMaster provides suicide cleanup services in New York, NY to clean and restore the scene of a suicide.  We will completely remove all physical evidence of the tragedy and if friends or family members of the victim need extra help, we can refer them to professional counselors that will help them work through their grief.

Biohazard Cleanup – New York, NYBiohazard Services in New York, NY

Biohazard materials are organic substances that contain harmful bacteria, viruses, or toxins that can spread disease and infection among people.  These materials include blood, tissues, and other bodily fluids as well as sewage, mold, and dangerous chemicals.  It is important for a certified professional to handle the removal of biohazard materials and RestorationMaster provides biohazard cleaning services to safely clean up all types of biohazard materials in New York, NY.  We will thoroughly remove all biohazard materials from any setting and take them to a licensed facility for safe disposal.

 After Death Cleanup in New York, NYAfter Death Cleanup – New York, NY

It is unfortunate that some people end up dying alone and if they also live alone, it may be several days or weeks before the body is found.  Unattended death scenes are especially hazardous because the body has started to decompose, causing bodily fluids and other harmful materials to spread throughout the scene.  RestorationMaster provides after death cleaning services to fully clean up and disinfect unattended death scenes in New York, NY.  We will remove all biohazard materials from the scene as well as thoroughly clean and sanitize the area so that it is safe.

Death Cleanup Services in New York, NYDeath Cleanup Services – New York, NY

Any scene in which someone has died is as dangerous as it is devastating as blood and other fluids from the body can spread infection and disease.  You should immediately call the right authorities to handle the death scene as well as a certified professional that can restore the scene to a safe condition.  RestorationMaster provides death cleanup services in New York, NY to thoroughly remove biohazard materials and disinfect the area so it is safe to enter.  We have been a trusted provider of death cleanup services for two decades and we can put grieving friends and family members in touch with counseling professionals for further assistance.

Homicide Cleaning Services in New York, NYHomicide Cleaning Services – New York, NY

Homicides are a major problem in the U.S. as they happen on a daily basis and losing a loved one to a homicide can be especially painful.  The scene of a homicide must be treated the same as any other death scene because of the danger of biohazard materials and also because the scene is a crime scene that needs to be investigated by law enforcement.  RestorationMaster provides homicide cleaning services in New York, NY to safely restore the scene of a murder and we also work in cooperation with law enforcement as they carry out the investigation.  Our technicians understand the strong emotions when a homicide is involved and we approach each of our clients with a sense of dignity and respect.

Blood Cleanup Services in New York, NYBlood Cleanup – New York, NY

All types of injuries, no matter how minor or severe, may cause a loss of blood and because it is a bodily fluid, all amounts of blood must be dealt with carefully.  Blood often harbors bacteria and other toxins that will quickly spread infection or disease if mishandled which makes it best to call a certified professional to clean up any blood.  RestorationMaster provides blood cleanup services in New York, NY to safely remove blood from the scene of an injury or death.  We use powerful bio wash cleaning solutions that are effective for removing blood, plasma, and other bodily fluids.

Bio Recovery Services in New York, NYBio Recovery Services – New York, NY

It is always wise to hire a specially certified professional to clean up and remove biohazard materials because they often contain bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances that can be hazardous to your health.  Biohazard materials are organic materials that include bacteria, mold, sewage, and bodily fluids such as blood.  Not only can these biohazard materials spread disease and infection, but they are also difficult to clean up for those who are not properly trained.  RestorationMaster provides bio recovery services in New York, NY to safely remove all types of biohazard materials and restore the area.  Since 2001, we have been a trusted provider of bio recovery services and we use the best cleaning products and equipment of the industry.