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Water Damage Restoration in Long Branch, NJ

ServiceMaster by Replacements

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There are many ways that a residential or commercial property may experience water damage.  Whether caused by heavy rain, flooding, plumbing leaks, a sewage backup, or burst pipes, any amount of water damage needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  If the affected areas are not tended to in a timely matter, the excess water can be absorbed by porous building materials, leading to structural damage and possible mold growth.  Even improper drying and cleaning of the area can lead to extensive damage.  With the help of a professional restoration service provider, the property can be completely dried, cleaned and restored back to its previous condition.

ServiceMaster by Replacements provides professional water damage restoration for homes and businesses in Long Branch, NJ.  We are equipped with professional drying and water removal equipment to completely remove excess water and thoroughly dry the affected areas. Our water restoration methods will also prevent future mold growth.

If sewage or waste materials have mixed with the water, our technicians also provide sewage cleanup in Long Branch, NJ.

water-restoration-in-Long-Branch-NJTypes of Water Damage

Addressing the areas of the property affected by water damage must happen as soon as possible to limit the overall extent of the damage.

Standing water can be absorbed by the porous building materials such as wood, drywall, insulation, wallpaper, and furniture, leading to structural damage and mold growth.  The longer that the affected areas are left unattended, the more the water damage can spread and cause further damage.

Improper drying of the affected areas can also lead to structural damage and mold growth.  That’s because mold typically grows in moist environments.

Mold growth can cause further damage to structural materials such as rotting and lead to serious health issues for anyone exposed to it.  Because of this, removing the mold is dangerous and is best handled by a professional mold remediation service.

Water Damage Restoration in Long Branch, NJ

ServiceMaster by Replacements has the professional equipment and training to thoroughly remove excess water and completely dry and restore the property.  After calling us for our water damage restoration services, we will address the source of the water damage and contain the water to limit the damage from spreading further.  Then we will begin extracting the excess water using advanced water extraction and drying equipment.  We will restore the affected areas of your property and damage to your personal items while also working to prevent mold growth.

When choosing ServiceMaster by Replacements for water damage restoration in Long Branch, NJ, you can expect:

  • Immediate Response: We are available to respond to emergency situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the whole year to help limit the overall damage sustained to your property from water.
  • Industry Leadership: We at ServiceMaster by Replacements have been the trusted and preferred water damage restoration service provider to homes and businesses in Long Branch, NJ for more than 30 years.
  • Advanced Water Mitigation Methods: Our technicians are trained to use the best water extraction and drying techniques in the industry.
  • Advanced Technology: We use advanced water extraction and drying equipment to completely remove excess water and dry the affected areas.
  • IICRC Certified: All of our professional water restoration technicians are IICRC certified and highly trained to heed industry guidelines.
  • Content Cleaning: We are prepared to completely clean and restore your damaged personal items at our state-of-the-art, 10,000 square foot facility.
  • Insurance Cooperation: We readily work with major insurance providers to aid in managing your insurance claim.


Free Estimate Water Restoration in Long Branch, NJ

Exposure to excessive amounts of water and sewage water can lead to extensive property damage if not addressed properly and in a timely matter.  Our water restoration professionals at ServiceMaster by Replacements are specially trained and equipped to perform water damage restoration for your residential or commercial property in Long Branch, NJ.

Call us at (732) 844-6232.  We are available to respond to water damage restoration emergencies 24/7.

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Very professional and very customer service oriented. It was a true pleasure working with ServiceMaster. Thank you all.

very personable service and courteous owner and staff. Always there by phone.

Piotr Matosiuk and his crew were very professional and did a fabulous job! Robert Dimitro was also excellent to work with.

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