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Storm Damage Restoration in Duluth, MN


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A major storm can happen in any corner of the world and it is important to know the types of storms your area may face so you can protect yourself and your property. Residents of the Duluth, MN area should be familiar with the type of severe weather that regularly affects the northeastern Minnesota region. Weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, strong wind, hail, and blizzards, put property in Duluth, MN at risk of serious damage. If your home or business is ever damaged by winds, rain, or flooding, it is important to act fast to help limit the damage and get your property repaired.

RestorationMaster provides complete storm damage restoration services to help homes and businesses in Duluth, MN recover from damage caused by a storm. We can help repair structural damage caused by wind or fallen objects, as well as deal with water damage caused by excessive rain or flooding.

Storms in Duluth, MN

Homeowners and business owners in the Duluth, MN area should always be prepared for the possibility of a storm because one could occur at any time. In most cases involving storm damage, homes and buildings experience structural damage from the wind and water damage from the rain or flooding. The wind can be strong enough to cause physical damage to the outside of a building, including the windows, siding, and roof. If this type of damage is not repaired, the building will be vulnerable to further damage caused by outside elements, such as rain or animals. A storm may cause water damage on your property in one of many ways from leaks to indoor flooding. The presence of water can result in serious structural damage, and even mold growth without quick restoration.

Once a major storm passes, check your property inside and out for possible damage. If you do notice property damage, contact RestorationMaster immediately to begin the restoration process. Our storm damage restoration services consist of the following:

  • Flood Damage Restoration: We have the proper extraction and drying equipment to fully remove flood water and extra moisture from your property. Our water extraction and drying services will help prevent lingering issues with excess water, including mold growth.
  • Board Up and Tarping: If your building has experienced severe exterior damage, we can cover the damage and secure the building with emergency board ups and roof tarping.
  • Structural Repairs: We can help rebuild serious structural damage to the roof, siding, and other structural elements of the building.
  • Debris Clearing: Storm damage can leave your property littered with dangerous debris. We will clear all debris, including glass, wood, tree branches, and other building materials.

Contact Us for Storm Damage Restoration in Duluth, MN

If a major storm passes through your area, make sure you inspect your property for damage and immediately call our professionals to handle the storm damage restoration.  Structural issues and water damage will only get worse until they are dealt with which is why you must take immediate action.  At RestorationMaster, we are ready to provide storm damage restoration services in the Duluth, MN area, 24 hours a day.  Give us a call at (218) 461-4434 to respond to storm damage emergencies in Duluth, MN.

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