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Water Damage Restoration and Extraction in Superior, WI

Dryco Restoration Services

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Water is a necessity in our homes, and it is also one of the leading causes of property damage. Excess water and moisture can be very damaging within a home or building because many building materials, such as wood, water damage restoration in Superior, WIinsulation, and drywall, are porous. These materials will absorb water and moisture, which can result in warping, discoloration, and eventually structural damage. Hesitating to deal with water damage will not only allow it to spread over a larger area, but also increase the risk of mold growth, which will cause additional damage and put your health at risk. You must act immediately at the first sign of water damage to prevent the situation from becoming serious.

At Dryco Restoration Services, we provide complete water damage restoration and extraction services to help homes and businesses in Superior, WI recover from flooding and water damage. We use advanced extraction and drying equipment to remove water from the affected materials, and we can restore the damaged areas while preventing mold growth.

Effects of Water Damage

Water can be more dangerous than it seems because of its ability to get absorbed by common building materials. Porous building materials will experience discoloration and warping when they take on water, and they may even weaken to an extent that threatens their structural integrity. The affected materials will also be at a much higher risk for mold growth, which will increase the damage. Reacting quickly to water damage will help you limit its spread and prevent worst case scenarios, including structural damage and mold.

Water Damage Restoration Process water damage restoration by Dryco in Superior, WI

Our technicians at Dryco Restoration Services will immediately assess the extent of the water’s spread and work to contain the damage. We have the right extraction and dehumidification equipment to extract standing water and moisture absorbed by affected materials. We will also ensure that affected areas are cleaned and restored to prevent mold and other issues.

Our technicians treat water damage with these basic steps:

  • Initial Assessment: We use moisture detectors, hygrometers, and infrared cameras to assess the extent of the damage.
  • Water extraction: We use advanced water extraction equipment that will remove standing water.
  • Damaged materials removal: Our technicians will determine which materials cannot be saved and remove them from the property.
  • Disinfection: We will disinfect the area to prevent mold growth and illness from microorganisms.
  • Drying/dehumidification: We will thoroughly dry the affected areas and objects by setting up our dehumidifiers and air movers.
  • Content restoration: We will clean and restore all personal items that were damaged by the water.
  • Moisture testing: Your property will be tested again for moisture after the restoration to ensure that we have effectively removed all excess moisture.
  • Reconstruction: If necessary, we will repair the resulting damage.

Flood Damage Restoration water damage and flood restoration

Incidents involving standing flood water in your property are much more severe than a leak, and can lead to devastating damage. The high volume of water can cause more serious damage to the affected materials and furnishings much faster, and the water may also contain sewage or microorganisms that can be harmful to your health. Our technicians will immediately extract the standing water from your property with our advanced extraction equipment and ensure that the affected area is dried and sanitized. We are prepared to remove sewage safely, and we will leave the area in a safe condition.

As soon as you notice water damage in your home or building, you need to act fast to prevent mold growth, structural damage, and other serious issues that may result. Dryco Restoration Services is ready to respond to water damage emergencies in Superior, WI to have your home or building dried and restored quickly. You can reach us 24 hours a day by calling (218) 461-4434 for emergency services.

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Review by Steven R.

Water Damage Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"We discovered water damage at our home on a Friday evening. Within a short time that evening Dryco had a full team at my home taking care of a very miserable situation. Extremely helpful from removal, through the insurance process, to repair."

Review by Megan C

Smoke Damage Removal
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"A fire caused extensive smoke damage in my salon, and on blind faith, I chose Dryco-they were the first available. I couldn’t be happier with the end result! They were great to work with through our the entire process, helped me to navigate the insurance claim, and restored my business to a “better than before” state! I’ve worked with other disaster clean up companies, and would choose to work with Dryco a million times over!"

Review by Christy Husby

Flood Damage Restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration Rating

"Highly recommended. Damien & Logan are professional & knowledgeable, and very responsive. Dealing with a stressful home flooding situation & they provided options, recommendations, and are working with our insurance. It's day 2 of our unexpected water damage and thanks to Dryco although the situation is stressful, I am confident the house will be okay."