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Sewage Cleanup and Restoration Services in Cloquet, MN


(218) 461-4434

Indoor flooding and water damage have the potential to cause significant destruction to building materials in homes and commercial buildings. The building structure and contents will quickly absorb water and bacteria, allowing it to spread and lead to permanent damage, and even mold growth.

But if sewage water is involved, the mess can be dangerous to handle. Biohazard materials, like bacteria in the water, pose serious health threats for you and everyone on the property, making the need for restoration and cleanup critical. During a sewage backup, it’s crucial to avoid all contact with the water and call a professional.

RestorationMaster is available in Cloquet, MN and the surrounding areas to provide sewage cleaning services for homes and buildings. Our technicians have the necessary licensing, training, and experience to deal with sewage water using effective cleaning and extraction equipment to restore the area. Upon arrival, we will first contain the damage, remove the dangerous water, then sanitize the affected area.

Dangers Associated with Sewage Backups in Cloquet, MN

In cases of sewage backups, it’s imperative to avoid all contact with the water due to the amount of bacteria and pathogens it contains. When the sewage water enters your home, it’s usually caused by a backflow that spills over the drain and damages the surrounding areas.

Be aware of each of the following during sewage backups:

  • Water Damage: As with clean water, sewage water will seep deep into porous materials, like drywall and insulation, but the biohazard materials and bacteria within the water will quickly soil them. These materials will likely experience permanent damage and must be replaced as it won’t take long for mold to grow. Our technicians at RestorationMaster will treat all properties with sewage damage while decontaminating all hard surfaces.
  • Health Issues: The biggest risk in association with sewage backups is the likely threat of bacteria and pathogens in the water. Everything including viruses, bacteria, and biohazards can quickly spread disease and infection, making it crucial to avoid contact.

Decontamination from Sewage Backups in Cloquet, MN

When responding to your first call, our technicians will arrive promptly in personal protective equipment (PPE). We will then begin immediately extracting excess water. Next, we will clean and disinfect the areas, and continue the drying process to remove remaining moisture. Sewage cleanups and water damage restoration are similar in the drying and dehumidification, but there are higher levels of detailed cleaning involved.

First, we will quickly disinfect the area to remove any health threats or risk of disease. Next, we will restore the area to a safe space. Just be sure to call us right away to prevent the biohazard materials from spreading. Otherwise, this could further threaten the health and safety of everyone on the property.

Contact Us 24/7 for Sewage Cleanup in Cloquet, MN

For emergency sewage cleaning services in Cloquet, MN and the surrounding areas, contact RestorationMaster at (218) 461-4434.

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