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Fire Damage Restoration in Cloquet, MN


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Fires can be among the scariest types of disasters because of their potential to quickly consume everything in their path and threaten the lives of everyone on the property. During a fire, the flames and smoke will spread throughout the home, putting everyone and everything at risk. Causing corrosive, sometimes irreparable damage, the disaster can continue long after the flames are out.

The smoke produced from the burning combustible materials will permeate through the property, covering everything in a thick, oily residue that requires professional products to remove. This is why it’s crucial to call for professional restoration services right away.

RestorationMaster provides emergency fire damage restoration services in Cloquet, MN and the surrounding areas to quickly remove all soot and smoke damage before it becomes permanent. Each of our technicians is licensed and experienced in Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration as well as Odor Control to have your property efficiently restored to its original condition. We address everything from damage caused by the flames to the lingering smoke odors.

Dealing with Fire and Smoke Damage in Cloquet, MN

During property fires, the damage will quickly consume all building materials and contents in its path. The burning materials will be charred, creating corrosive byproducts including oily residue and soot. Even after the flames are out, the smoke and soot byproducts will spread throughout the rest of the home, covering the remaining materials which will cause additional damage.

If left alone, the layer of soot will cause etching and tarnishing, compromising the structural makeup of the material. Without quick action, these materials can face permanent damage.

RestorationMaster Fire Damage Repair 

When called right away, our licensed and trained technicians at RestorationMaster will respond right away to provide effective fire damage repair. This includes the complete restoration of structural damage, smoke and soot removal, and deodorization.

When addressing smoke damage, we always use the industry’s latest equipment to provide the best results, including HEPA air scrubbers, dry ice blasting, ozone and hydroxyl generators, as well as thermal fogging to remove the remaining corrosive byproducts from the affected surfaces. After our services, we will fully return your property to a clean and healthy environment.

RestorationMaster fire damage restoration services include each of the following:

  • 24/7 availability and emergency response
  • Assessment of the damage and development of restoration plan
  • Corrosion mitigation
  • Board up and tarping
  • Content restoration and pack outs
  • Temporary electricity and heating
  • Removal of hazardous debris
  • Deodorization
  • Restoration of structural damage

Following a fire, you can trust that our technicians will have everything restored to its original condition. This includes the building materials, appliances, furnishings, and personal items. Our technicians will have them taken care of and remove any lingering smoke odors.

Emergency Response in Cloquet, MN

RestorationMaster is available 24/7 at (218) 461-4434 in Cloquet, MN and the surrounding areas to provide complete fire damage restoration services for homes and buildings.

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