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Fire Damage Restoration in Santa Fe Springs, CA 90605


(949) 666-8450

Fire is considered one of the most dangerous natural disasters because of its potential to destroy property and threaten people’s lives. Fires are dangerous because they can start at any time and quickly spread throughout your property. Your priority should be to evacuate the building and call the fire department to extinguish the fire.

However, the damage caused by fire lingers long after the flames are put out. Corrosive byproducts like soot and smoke will remain imbedded in your furnishing and belongings until your property is cleaned and restored.

RestorationMaster provides fire and smoke damage restoration for homes and businesses with fire damage in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Upon arrival, our professionals will stabilize the building in order to prevent further damage to your property. We will then restore your objects and materials that were damaged by soot and smoke in the fire.

Problems Caused by Fire DamageCabinet-Fire-Damage-Soot-In-Santa-Fe-Springs-CA

Fire causes several layers of damage to your property. The flames themselves destroy furnishings and the structural elements of your building, and corrosive byproducts can harm objects and materials afterward. Burning of synthetic materials creates corrosive byproducts, such as soot, smoke, and residue, and these byproducts linger after the fire is out. This secondary damage is why it’s so important to have restoration work done immediately after a fire.

Smoke odors can linger after both the fire and the restoration process if materials and furnishings are not properly cleaned. Smoke odor particles are absorbed by porous materials and can cause lasting non-physical damage. Our technicians will use advanced deodorization methods and equipment, such as thermal fogging, ozone technology, hydroxyl technology, and Nano carbo technology, to eliminate all smoke odor particles.

Fire Damage Restoration Santa Fe Springs, CA

Call RestorationMaster at (949) 666-8450 for our emergency fire damage restoration services in the Santa Fe Springs, CA area.

If your property has fire damage, DO

  • Call RestorationMaster for emergency fire and smoke damage restoration services
  • Open all doors and windows to let air out if temperature is above 60 degrees
  • Wipe off chrome, aluminum, and porcelain surfaces to prevent further damage
  • Change air filter in your furnace
  • Place a damp cloth over your return and supply vents to filter soot from the air
  • Throw away food containers
  • Clean out refrigerator if the power is out
  • Gather clothes damaged by smoke to be cleaned by a dry cleaner

If your property has fire damage, DO NOTFire-Damage-Apartment-Smoke-Soot-In-Santa-Fe-Springs-CA

  • Touch a surface damaged by soot because oils from your hand can make the damage worse
  • Clean any soot damage
  • Try to clean carpeting or upholstery
  • Use any electronics until a professional has inspected them
  • Use any ceiling fixtures attached to a wet ceiling

Fire Restoration Services

Our RestorationMaster professionals are equipped with the proper equipment and training to perform repairs and restoration on properties with fire damage. We will thoroughly repair and restore your building’s structure and your damaged personal belongings until your property has returned to its original state.

Our fire damage restoration professionals will:

  • Stabilize and board up structural damage
  • Clean soot from the furnishings
  • Fix damaged building materials
  • Clean carpeting, upholstery, and rugs
  • Restore electronic appliances
  • Perform pack-out services
  • Dry clean fabric, tile, and other damaged materials
  • Provide water damage restoration if necessary

Available 24/7

Call RestorationMaster at (949) 666-8450 for emergency fire and smoke damage restoration services in the Santa Fe Springs, CA area.

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