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    Tips for Preventing Mold in Your Home

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    6 Responses

    1. Priya says:

      Great tips. Thank you for sharing!

    2. Great tips. We had a problem in our pantry. The contractor discovered that the outside soil came above the damp proof course in the brickwork.

    3. Ah thanks for the tips.
      There was mould in my uni house! 0_o

    4. Hi Fred,

      I remember my mom having problems with mold in our house when I was a kid. Thank goodness I haven’t run into that problem in my own home. Thanks for the tips.

    5. Ah, I enjoyed reading your tips again!

    6. My bathroom has no fan and only a small window, so it gets completely filled with steam most of the time that we shower. I appreciate your comments on the need for ventilation to reduce moisture and help prevent mold. Unfortunately, when we moved in, there was already some mold happening around the shower, so I think that we should hire a professional to see if there is too much damage, and how to repair it.