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Disaster Restoration, Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleaning Services for Newark, NJ


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Service-Master-by-complete-Water-Damage-Restoration-in-newark-njWater Damage Restoration – Newark, NJ

There are many reasons that you can end up with excess water or moisture in your home and it is very important to react quickly to prevent serious issues.  Excess water and moisture spread rather easily through a number of porous building materials which can result in deep, structural damage.  Mold growth is also a common result of excess water that can cause additional damage as well as negative health effects.  RestorationMaster provides water damage restoration services to help clean up and restore homes and businesses in Newark, NJ that have experienced water damage.  We respond fast to stop the water from spreading and begin the drying process before the damage gets worse.

flood and storm damage restoration in newark-njFlood and Storm Damage Restoration – Newark, NJ

A severe storm may form in the Newark, NJ area at any time and there is always a chance that the storm could be strong enough to cause serious damage in your home or business.  Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes can bring strong wind and heavy rain that has the potential to damage the exterior of a home or building, or cause indoor flooding.  Both flood and storm damage requires immediate attention because the damage could get much worse and lead to serious structural issues.  RestorationMaster provides flood and storm damage restoration services to help restore flood damage and repair exterior and structural damage caused by severe weather in Newark, NJ.  We will immediately secure any structural damage and take care of indoor flooding with our water extraction equipment.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration – Newark, NJ

Few disasters result in more damage to a home or building than a fire as the flames, smoke, and corrosive byproducts combine to cause several layers of damage.  Putting out the fire does not stop the damage because smoke and corrosive byproducts will spread to new areas and even cause permanent damage if the affected materials are not immediately restored.  RestorationMaster provides fire and smoke damage restoration services in Newark, NJ to help homes and businesses recover after a fire.  We will immediately start cleaning surfaces and objects affected by corrosive byproducts and restore the structural damage to your property.

Mold Remediation – Newark, NJ

Mold is a naturally occurring substance that must be kept out of your home or building because it causes serious property damage and health issues.  The mold spores that are naturally in the air will form into mold growth if they find an area with food and a moisture source, and it will cause extensive damage to the surfaces it grows on.  Mold is a risk to spread to new areas by releasing its spores and exposure to the spores also triggers mold related allergies.  RestorationMaster provides mold remediation services in Newark, NJ to eliminate mold growth from homes and commercial buildings.  Our state-of-the-art equipment and mold removal methods are effective for removing mold and we can test your home for mold through an environmental agency.

Construction Services – Newark, NJ

A natural disaster can happen at virtually any time and cause serious structural damage to your home or building.  When this type of damage occurs, it can leave you overwhelmed as you have to deal with a large-scale construction project that will interrupt your life.  At RestorationMaster, we are committed to restoring your peace of mind after a major disaster with our construction services in Newark, NJ.  Our construction crew will stabilize your home or building and form a complete construction plan to get it rebuilt to its original condition.

Carpet Cleaning Services – Newark, NJ

The carpet in homes and offices contributes to the look and comfort of the space, but when they become dirty or stained, they have the opposite effect.  Residential and commercial carpeting constantly gathers dirt and debris from foot traffic that pushes it deep into the carpet fibers.  This debris buildup not only makes the carpet look dull or dirty, but also causes deterioration, forcing you to replace the carpet.  RestorationMaster provides carpet cleaning services for commercial and residential settings in Newark, NJ to thoroughly clean and restore your carpet.  Our hot water extraction method can safely and effectively deep clean all types of carpeting and we use advanced cleaning products to remove stains.

Crime Scene Cleanup – Newark, NJCrime Scene Cleaning Newark, NJ

It is never easy to deal with the effects of a violent crime on your own property but you must know how to react in this situation to protect your safety and get the scene restored.  If a crime was committed, you must call law enforcement first to begin their investigation followed by a professional that can restore crime scenes in cooperation with law enforcement officials.  RestorationMaster provides crime scene cleaning services to remove biohazard materials and disinfect crime scenes in Newark, NJ.  We work in cooperation with law enforcement officials to completely clean and restore crime scenes to a safe condition without compromising the investigation.

Trauma Scene Cleaning in Newark, NJTrauma Cleanup – Newark, NJ

Encountering a trauma scene in which a serious death or injury has occurred can be very overwhelming but it is crucial that you take the right actions in this situation to protect your safety and get the area restored.  Harmful biohazard materials such as blood and bodily fluids are commonly found at trauma scenes and they must be removed by a certified professional to prevent the spread of infection or communicable disease.  RestorationMaster provides trauma scene cleaning services to remove dangerous biohazard materials from the scene of a death or serious injury in Newark, NJ.  We can safely remove all biohazard materials and disinfect the scene as well as recommend counseling professionals to grieving family members.

Suicide Cleaning in Newark, NJSuicide Cleanup – Newark, NJ

Experiencing the death of a loved one is especially painful if it is by suicide and finding the scene only adds to the emotional stress of the situation.  Calling a professional to clean and restore the scene of a suicide is the first step towards easing some of the grief because they will eliminate the physical evidence of the tragedy.  RestorationMaster provides suicide cleaning services to restore the scene of a suicide or attempted suicide in Newark, NJ.  Our technicians approach these situations with a sense of dignity and respect for those who are grieving and we work quickly to remove all physical remnants of the act.

Biohazard Cleanup – Newark, NJBiohazard Cleaning in Newark, NJ

Biohazard materials are dangerous to people because they contain bacteria and toxins that spread disease and infection and they include several types of organic materials such as sewage, mold, and bodily fluids such as blood and tissues.  These materials must be handled with extreme caution because of the health risks they present which is why it is best to call a biohazard cleaning professional.  RestorationMaster provides biohazard cleaning services to clean up and remove a variety of biohazard materials in Newark, NJ.  We can safely and effectively remove all types of biohazard materials and make sure they are disposed of at a licensed facility.

After Death Cleanup in Newark, NJAfter Death Cleanup – Newark, NJ

Unfortunately, people that live alone can pass away in their homes and it may take several days or longer for someone to discover the scene.  In these situations, the scene can be very dangerous because blood and other bodily fluids have had days to spread and the services of a certified professional are required for safe cleanup.  RestorationMaster provides after death cleanup services to cleanup and restore scenes of an unattended death in Newark, NJ.  Our technicians can safely remove biohazard materials and disinfect the area so it is safe to enter.

Death Cleanup in Newark, NJDeath Cleanup – Newark, NJ

Death is a part of life but encountering a death scene is still an overwhelming experience that requires proper action.  Death scenes often contain biohazard materials such as bodily fluids and tissues that can spread infection and communicable disease if they are not handled properly.  RestorationMaster provides death cleanup services to clean and restore the scene of a death in Newark, NJ.  Our death cleaning services are nationally renowned and our technicians are highly trained to safely remove any dangerous biohazard materials.

Homicide Cleaning Services in Newark, NJHomicide Cleanup – Newark, NJ

Homicides happen in the U.S. every day and losing a loved one due to a homicide can be very difficult to handle.  Encountering the scene of a homicide is dangerous because of the blood and bodily fluids that may be at the scene and homicides must also be treated as crime scenes.  RestorationMaster provides homicide cleaning services in Newark, NJ to clean and restore the scene of a homicide while working with law enforcement officials to avoid compromising the investigation.  Our technicians also understand the emotional stress caused by these situations and we approach each project with a sense of respect and dignity for those who are grieving.

Blood Cleanup Services in Newark, NJBlood Cleanup – Newark, NJ

Blood is a very common bodily fluid to encounter from the smallest cuts to serious injuries and regardless of the amount of blood present, it must be handled with extreme caution.  Harmful bacteria and toxins that cause disease and infection are present in blood which is why it is best to hire a professional to handle blood cleanup and removal.  RestorationMaster provides blood cleanup services to remove blood from accident and death scenes in Newark, NJ.  We can effectively remove blood and plasma and sanitize the area with our powerful bio wash solutions.

Bio Recovery Services – Newark, NJBio Recovery Services in Newark, NJ

Biohazard materials such as sewage, mold, blood, and other bodily fluids are difficult to clean up and quite dangerous for those who are not experienced with the proper cleaning techniques.  Cleaning up biohazard materials improperly can lead to the spread of infection and disease so make sure to call a professional to handle the cleanup.  RestorationMaster provides bio recovery services in Newark, NJ to clean up and remove all types of biohazard materials.  Our technicians have been using high quality equipment and cleaning products for our bio recovery services since 2001.

Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection – Newark, NJ

When working in an office or commercial building, there is always a risk of diseases spreading between co-workers.  If these spaces are not cleaned and disinfected, employees may be at risk of the common cold, flu, and coronavirus.  At RestorationMaster, we provide complete commercial cleaning and disinfection services for offices and commercial buildings in Newark, NJ.  Our technicians will clean and disinfect high touch point areas using advanced cleaning methods to help prevent the spread of illnesses.