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Water Damage Cleanup in Orlando, FL

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Water damage is a very common, yet serious issue that can affect homes and businesses at virtually any time.  Rain and flooding can seep into your home through leaks or cracks in the foundation, and your plumbing fixtures, pipes, and appliances can also malfunction and lead to major water damage.  You should never hesitate to react when you find water damage on your property because the water will penetrate deeper into the building materials of your home or building which can result in major damage and mold growth.

RestorationMaster provides complete water damage restoration services in Orlando, FL to help homes and businesses that are experiencing issues.  Our technicians will use the right combination of water extraction and drying equipment to completely restore your property.

Damage Caused by Water in Orlando, FL

Water Damage Restoration in Orlando FL

Water Damage Restoration in Orlando FL

Most of the building materials used for homes and commercial buildings are absorbent, which means that water can spread through materials such as insulation, flooring, wood, and drywall largely unobstructed.  As these materials absorb more water, they may swell, warp, discolor, or become weakened to the point that they threaten the structural integrity of the home or building.  This is why you cannot ignore water damage because even a slow, small leak can spread through porous building materials and cause serious damage.  Mold growth is another issue you must worry about with water damage because the presence of excess water makes it much more likely to occur.

Your home or business can experience water damage from a variety of sources, including roof leaks, plumbing leaks, faulty sump pumps, and floods. Our team responds quickly in this type of situation to clean up the mess and sanitize affected areas to prevent mold growth. We will help you determine the cause and advise you on how to mitigate future damage.

Water damage restoration is necessary when you discover that water has accumulated in your building and begun to cause serious damage.  This can happen unexpectedly, but it’s also common after a plumbing or roof leak goes unnoticed for some time.  As the water spreads through those porous areas of your home, it will soak into the drywall, floors, insulation, and other items until they become saturated with water.

Our water damage restoration services commence with a complete evaluation of the damage. We will remove any standing water using water extraction equipment, thoroughly dry affected drywall, carpeting, padding, furniture, and woodwork with dehumidification equipment, repair the source of excess water if necessary, and help you with insurance claims.

Local Water Damage Restoration Services in Orlando, FL

RestorationMaster employs the latest technology and works with our clients to provide the highest quality of services. After we have assessed your property and determined the cause of your water damage, we can effectively remove excess water from homes and buildings, as well as dry and restore furnishings and materials with our advanced water extraction and drying equipment.


We employ the latest technology and work with our clients to provide the highest quality of services. After we have assessed your property and determined the cause of your water damage, our technicians will use the right combination of water extraction and drying equipment to completely restore your property

Our complete water damage restoration services include the following steps:

  • Complete evaluation of the damage
  • Removal of standing water with water extraction equipment
  • Thorough drying of affected drywall, carpeting, padding, furniture, and woodwork with dehumidification equipment
  • Repair of the source of the excess water
  • Help with insurance claims

Call us 24/7 for water damage restoration in Orlando, FL area

Any type of water damage requires an immediate response so do not hesitate to contact RestorationMaster if your home or business in Orlando, FL is affected.  Our IICRC-certified technicians will thoroughly dry and repair the affected materials with advanced techniques, and ensure that the source of the water has been stopped to prevent further damage.

Contact us 24 hours a day at (407) 326-2875 for water damage restoration in Orlando, FL.


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Water damage has the potential to wreak havoc beneath your kitchen sink, a scenario that frequently occurs in both residential and commercial settings due to the sink’s regular use. Instances of leaks, overflow, or condensation accumulation often result in the cabinet beneath the sink being compromised, leading to cabinet damage or the development of mold. Should you encounter such an issue, follow these steps to repair the water damage:

  • Step 1: Dry Any Water Spots
  • Step 2: Get Rid of Any Dry Mold
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  • Step 4: Drying Out the Kitchen Cabinet
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  • Insight
  • Location
  • Size
  • Know Your Neighbors
  • Home Inspection
  • Get a Realtor
  • Price
  • HOA Fees
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6 Reasons Why You Should Involve A Public Adjuster In Your Insurance Claim

Regrettably, you find yourself facing a challenging situation: having to choose between enlisting the services of a public adjuster or an independent adjuster for your insurance claim. It’s essential to bear in mind that insurance adjusters are employed by your insurance company, while public adjusters work on your behalf. And if this distinction isn’t convincing enough, here are six additional reasons why engaging a public adjuster for your insurance claim is a prudent decision.

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  2. Public Adjusters Can Increase Insurance Payout
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  4. Public Adjusters’ Fees Is Based On Your Payout
  5. You Are Still In Complete Control
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Frequently Asked Questions about Water Damage Repair & Cleanup

How to fix water-damaged swollen wood furniture?

If your wooden furniture has suffered water damage, here are some essential guidelines to follow in order to maximize your chances of restoring them to excellent condition:

  • Dry the wood
  • Use more fixings
  • Utilize a sander
  • Apply a marine-based polyurethane coating
  • Treat white spots
  • Black mold spots should be cleaned
  • Fix the furniture veneer

How to repair laminate flooring water damage?

Laminate flooring is a favored option for many households due to its affordability, durability, and appealing aesthetics. Nonetheless, it is a real challenge when your laminate floor suffers from water damage, here are the steps recommended to repair the water damage and restore your floor.

1. Check and Stop Leaks

2. Prepare the Tools for Repair

3. Remove the Damaged Planks

4. Replace the Damaged Planks

5. Installing the New Planks

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage from a leaking roof?

Typically, homeowners’ insurance provides coverage for damage resulting from a roof leak due to snow and rain, subject to the limits outlined in your policy and after subtracting your deductible.

Why and How People Choose a Professional Contractor After a Home Disaster?