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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration for Manasquan and Brick, NJ

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Fires are a nightmare waiting to happen and seeing your home or building burn in a fire is an extremely difficult and horrifying experience.  The first thing you should do when a fire breaks out is evacuate the home or building and make sure that your family evacuates safely as well.  After the fire department puts out the fire, there are still corrosive elements like soot and other byproducts that can continue to cause serious damage to your property.  You must call for professional restoration as soon as the fire department will allow.  ServiceMaster of the Shore Area provides fire and smoke damage restoration services in Manasquan and Brick, NJ to cleanup and repair homes and buildings burned in a fire.  Our technicians can effectively minimize the damage from corrosive byproducts and rebuild structural damage.

Understanding the Effects of Fire and Smoke

Fire Damage Restoration for The Pinery and Castle Pines, COThe flames of a fire cause considerable property damage, but the secondary damage caused by smoke and corrosive byproducts is often more extensive.  Regardless of where the fire occurs, the smoke will spread to untouched areas of the building and get absorbed into building materials and structural elements.  This spreads the damage, as well as odors, well beyond the areas directly affected by the flames.  The smoke and soot can also form corrosive byproducts by combining with water or humidity from putting out the fire.  These byproducts can etch and burn various surfaces and materials around the home for days after the fire is out.  Touching or cleaning these surfaces yourself can make the soot damage permanent.

The technicians of ServiceMaster of the Shore Area are licensed and insured to provide complete fire and smoke damage restoration services.  We can effectively mitigate the damage caused by the fire and smoke and cleanup etching from corrosive byproducts with powerful chemical cleaning products.  If there is extensive damage to your personal belongings, we can get them cleaned and restored with our content cleaning and pack-out service.  We do our best to recover as much as possible and rebuild your home or building to its pre-loss condition.

Once you call ServiceMaster of the Shore Area to respond to the damage, make sure you avoid these actions that can make the damage worse:

  • Avoid cleaning soot damaged surfaces and materials because the natural oils in your hand can make the damage permanent.
  • Do not turn on your air conditioner or furnace.
  • Avoid using the furniture.
  • Have a professional inspect your electronics to ensure they are safe before use.
  • Do not keep any food products that were exposed to the smoke or fire.

It may be a relief to have the fire put out, but you must remember that the damage from smoke and corrosive byproducts will continue to spread and affect your property.  ServiceMaster of the Shore Area is ready to respond to fire damage emergencies in Brick and Manasquan, NJ to limit the secondary damage and get your home or building cleaned up and repaired.  We are available 24 hours a day at (732) 722-5858 to respond to your fire damage emergencies.



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