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Disaster Restoration and Cleaning Services in Manahawkin, NJ


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Our restoration services include each of the following:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire restoration
  • Mold removal
  • Reconstruction
  • Sewage cleanup
  • And more!

For any of the restoration and cleaning services we provide in the Manahawkin, NJ area, please give us a call at (732) 338-2454. We are available 24/7 and ready to help!

Water Damage Restoration – Manahawkin, NJ

One of the most dangerous and common disasters that can occur in your home or building is water damage. Once it starts, it spreads throughout the affected area into the surrounding building materials and furnishings, causing warping, staining, buckling and even permanent damage. RestorationMaster is available 24/7 in Manahawkin, NJ and the surrounding areas to provide water damage restoration. Whether the damage was caused by a flood, sewage backup or roof leak, our professionals will respond right away to prevent the damage from spreading and start the drying process. We will also apply anti-microbials to prevent mold growth during the time of service.

Fire Damage Restoration – Manahawkin, NJ

The most dangerous type of disaster to invade your home, fires will cause permanent damage upon contact. While the heat will quickly burn the surrounding materials, the smoke will cover the remaining items in a thick, oily residue. It is this damage that is often overlooked as the affected surfaces must be treated quickly to be restored to their original condition. RestorationMaster provides fire damage restoration services in the Manahawkin, NJ area, responding right away to all calls. Our technicians are trained, experienced, and licensed to conduct emergency pre-cleaning to prevent permanent damage as well as stabilize the building structure to prevent the risk of collapse. We will then create a restoration plan to allow for an efficient and effective process.

Mold Removal – Manahawkin, NJ

Mold is a common issue in homes and buildings, but it’s not often treated right away. When left alone, mold will feed on the porous materials on which it grows, even dispersing its spores to inhabit surrounding spaces. As these spores flow throughout the air, they can trigger breathing and asthma issues. This is why it’s important to call a mold removal professional as soon as possible. RestorationMaster provides mold removal services in Manahawkin, NJ, removing all cases at the source and preventing the mold from returning. Our professionals are also IICRC-certified and use personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves while preventing cross contamination.


Reconstruction – Manahawkin, NJ

Properties can incur significant damage from large losses, including fires, water and flooding, mold damage and more. For these situations, the property may need structural repairs and electrical and plumbing work as well as a variety of other services for a full restoration. RestorationMaster is available in Manahawkin, NJ to provide reconstruction services for homes and buildings after suffering through large losses and disasters. Our professionals are available 24/7 to respond. We also work with a number of partners to restore the property as a whole to its original condition.

Contact Us

For any of the disaster restoration or cleaning services listed above in the Manahawkin, NJ area, contact RestorationMaster at (732) 338-2454.

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