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Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration for Toms River, NJ


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Fires are a nightmare scenario that can occur at any time of the year and at different levels of intensity. They can be extremely damaging in residential and commercial settings, and have the ability to destroy structures, personal belongings, and operational equipment. If your home or office falls victim to a fire, you should first evacuate all family or personnel from the premises. Second, you should contact us here at RestorationMaster. We provide full fire and smoke damage restoration services to home and business owners in and around Toms River, NJ.

fire damage repair - RestorationMaster

What to Expect from a Fire

Flames alone can obviously cause mass amounts of devastation to structural elements and belongings, but so too can the smoke, soot, and other corrosive byproducts that result from the inferno. This simply means that while the fire may have been isolated, other areas of your building were likely affected in some way, and are at risk of etching, discoloration, and other effects. Our RestorationMaster technicians are experts when it comes to the ways in which these elements spread, and will do everything possible to limit the extent of the damage, and restore your property.

Another effect of fire is the odor left behind in structural elements and belongings. This occurs when materials are porous and absorb the smell, and it can result in permanent damage if not addressed quickly. This is why we include full deodorization services through our fire and smoke damage restoration services.

The RestorationMaster Approach to Fire Damage

RestorationMaster personnel are specifically licensed and insured to provide fire and smoke damage restoration services. In addition to our highly competent technicians, you will have access to our industry-best restoration procedures (based off of our years of experience) and utilization of state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and solutions. In essence, we will give your building and belongings the greatest odds of making a full recovery.


When you choose to take advantage of our fire and smoke damage restoration services, you can expect the following and more:

  • Emergency response capabilities
  • Pre-cleaning services designed to minimize damage
  • Wall and ceiling cleaning
  • Cleaning of all affected structural elements using appropriate chemical cleaners
  • Content cleaning and pack-out services to restore your personal belongings
  • Full deodorization services

In many cases, individuals are tempted to do what they can to clean their property before restoration experts arrive. If you fall into this category, please follow our advice in order to reduce the risks of causing further damage:

  • Do not touch or attempt to clean surfaces covered in soot
  • Do not turn on your furnace or air conditioner (or even appliances and electronics that have not been properly inspected)
  • Do not use your furniture
  • Do not keep any consumables that were exposed to smoke or fire

Contact Us for Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration for Toms River, NJ

professional fire damage restoration

If your home or business has been affected by a fire, we encourage you to give us a call here at RestorationMaster as quickly as possible. We are available 24 hours a day by phone at (732) 338-2454, and respond to fire and smoke damage emergencies as quickly as we can. We proudly provide this service to property owners in Toms River, NJ.

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