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Biohazard and Trauma Scene Cleaning in Lakewood, NJ


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Witnessing a violent or fatal incident is traumatizing for anyone. From the altercation to the aftermath, it can take a toll.

It is important to remember that trauma scenes involving a major injury or death are dangerous. Biohazard materials like blood and other bodily fluids remaining at the scene can spread infections and disease. These materials should only be handled by a professional.

After witnessing such an event, your first reaction should always be to call law enforcement and the proper authorities to handle the situation. After that, you’ll need to call professionals trained in removing biochemical waste to restore your property to safe conditions.

RestorationMaster provides biohazard and trauma scene cleaning services in Lakewood, NJ. Our biohazard cleanup crew is trained to effectively clean up all dangerous materials using advanced technology and ensure your property is returned to safe working conditions. We can also work with law enforcement to complete the restoration as they do their investigation.

Importance of Biohazard Cleanup

Discovering the scene of a violent crime or major accident is difficult, but it is important to know how to react to the scene. You must avoid the scene if it is contaminated with any biohazard materials. Blood and other bodily fluids are commonly found at these scenes and may spread various diseases or infection.

That is why only licensed professionals should handle them. Law enforcement is not trained in the removal and cleanup of biohazard materials, it is best to call us to restore the property and make it safe.

Biohazard Cleanup Services We Provide:

Biohazard Disposal: We remove all biohazard materials and dispose of them safely.

Cleaning and Disinfection: Using appropriate equipment, the premises are cleaned and disinfected, restoring safe conditions.

Protection of Privacy and Compliance with the Law: Your privacy and compliance with local laws are of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we maintain complete customer privacy during our work and follow all relevant regulations.

Incidents covered:

  • Crime Scenes
  • Suicides
  • Serious Accidents
  • Natural Death
  • Neglected Property

Should the unthinkable happen, don’t forget to call local authorities and biohazard cleaning services as soon as possible.

Contact Us in Lakewood, NJ

It is important to call the proper authorities as well as a licensed restoration professional if a traumatic event has occurred on your property.  You can trust our crime scene cleaners and biohazard cleanup technicians to be respectful in our approach and effectively restore your property to safe conditions.

You can contact RestorationMaster at (732) 338-0713 for biohazard and trauma scene cleaning in Lakewood, NJ.