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Sewage Cleanup in Cranford, NJ


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If water damage was not bad enough, sewage water presents an entirely new set of problems for property owners. Water contaminated by sewage during a natural flood, pipe break, or sewer drain backup. This sewage water contains harmful toxins and waste materials that are dangerous to approach without protection. It is best to contact a disaster restoration crew to handle the sewage cleanup.

RestorationMaster provides sewage cleanup in Cranford, NJ. Our IICRC certified technicians will use advanced equipment and proven cleaning products to remove sewage from your property. They will then dry and clean the affected area until it is back to its original condition. It will be as if the sewage spill never happened.

Dangers of Sewage Backups

Sewage can come from a broken pipe, a backed-up sewer drain, a toilet malfunction, or even from a natural flood distant from the property.

This sewage water can sometimes even appear to be clean, but in reality is full of bacteria, viruses, and hazardous microorganisms. It’s important to keep your distance from sewage water and to get a water restoration team on the scene immediately to perform proper sewage removal.

Not only is the sewage water harmful to your health, but it will also cause extensive water damage to a building. The sewage will spread and seep into building materials and furnishings, causing warping and rotting over time.

Contact RestorationMaster as soon as you discover a sewage spill so that we can perform fast and effective sewage cleanup before the situation worsens.

Sewage Cleanup in Cranford, NJ

Our sewage removal technicians are available 24/7 to respond to sewage backup scenarios in Cranford, NJ.

When we arrive, the sewage water will be contained and then fully extracted. The affected area will then be completely dried and treated with advanced disinfectant products.

You can expect the following from our sewage removal services in Cranford, NJ:

  • Emergency Response: Our sewage cleanup teams are on call 24/7 to respond to your sewage backup situation.
  • Damage Assessment: We will assess the extent of damage from the sewage and provide a free estimate for cleanup.
  • Restoration: With RestorationMaster sewage removal techniques, advanced equipment, and licensed technicians, we will complete dry and treat the affected area and restore it to its original condition.
  • Work with Insurance: If you have filed a claim for the sewage backup, we are happy to assist with your insurance process.

Free Estimate Sewage Removal in Cranford, NJ

A sewage spill, overflow, or backup is an emergency. Call RestorationMaster at (732) 338-0713 immediately to get the sewage cleaned up and prevent further damage.

We are available 24/7 to provide sewage cleanup in Cranford, NJ.

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