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    Tagged: storm damage

    Thunderstorms Knocks Out Power

    Do Thunderstorms Knock Out Power?

    Thunderstorms have the ability to temporarily cut power by downing power lines, flooding power-related equipment, or blowing objects into overhead lines. Severe weather events, such as lightning, powerful winds, and heavy rain, are examples...

    Severe Storm Warning and Preparing your business for a natural disaster will help limit the associated repercussions.

    3 Ways to Stormproof your Home

    The element of randomness involved with storms makes them particularly dangerous, but it doesn’t mean that there is no way of safeguarding you and your home from them. Here are three effective ways to stormproof your home.

    Protect your property.

    Innovative Disaster-Proof Structures

    People who live in areas with a high risk of natural disasters have one more thing to worry about when it comes to protecting their homes. One of the ways they can manage this risk is by improving their homes with structural elements that are designed to withstand these conditions.


    How to Use Landscaping as a Natural Disaster Defense

    While you may not be able to protect 100% of your home, you can take steps now to decrease the damage to your property that can be caused by flooding, high winds, wildfires, and tornadoes. Heed the tips below and stay one step ahead of the weather with smart, defensive landscaping.