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RestorationMaster Cleaning and Restoration Guides and Tips

Mold Prevention

Mold Prevention Tips and Treatment for Your Home

Welcome Kristen Janosko (ServiceMaster by ASAP, Rochester, New York)  and her contribution to our RMF blog.  Please enjoy. According to a study done by the Home Inspectors Association, approximately 38% of homes have some type...

Freezing Rain Safety

Freezing Rain Safety Tips

Winter months bring on extreme weather including rain, ice, snow, freezing rain and high winds. Different parts of the country are more or less susceptible to different weather conditions. Knowing your area and the...

Broken Pipes

Winter Storm Safety Tips

Winter weather can cause extra strain and stress if you are not properly ready. Heavy snowfall and ice can cause serious damage to your property and home if you are not readily prepared. Taking...

Mold Prevention Treatment

Mold Prevention Plan and Tips

With the changing seasons comes a change in climate within your home. Temperature and moisture levels can tamper with porous materials and objects in your house. Especially in the northern states, homes can take...