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RestorationMaster Cleaning and Restoration Guides and Tips

What to do after a hurricane

What To Do After a Hurricane

The Aftermath of a Hurricane Sandy has shaken up a lot of the Eastern coast the past couple of days. Millions have lost power and thousands of homes have been flooded. Many people may...

Kitchen Space Saving Tips

Kitchen Space Saving Ideas

Space saving can be a huge issue in any room in your home. Kitchens can be the trickiest, especially if they are small in size. If you are having trouble rearranging and organizing your...

Hardwood Surface and Floor Cleaning

Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Tips

Floor cleaning can be a tricky issue sometimes. Hiring hard surface cleaning professionals on a regular basis will keep your floors looking new and shiny. Often times we clean our floors for special occasions...

School Safety Tips

School Safety Tips

School Safety Tips For This Upcoming School Year August is back to school month. School safety is vitally important for you and your families’ safety. While the little ones head back to class, make...