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Mold Remediation in Elizabeth, NJ


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Mold is a much bigger problem than just being an eyesore. It can be hidden within your home for an extended period of time, causing negative health effects to occupants. It will also eat away at the structural materials of your home over time, causing long term damage. For these reasons, it is important you reach out to a disaster restoration company when you are in need of mold removal services.

RestorationMaster provides complete mold removal in Elizabeth, NJ, and surrounding areas. Our mold specialists are IICRC certified and trained to perform black mold removal for your home or business. They use the most advanced methods of mold remediation in the industry, ensuring all traces of mold are eliminated and do not return.

Types of Mold Damage

Mold prefers to grow on surfaces and materials that contain cellulose. Cellulose is the primary food source for mold and is the reason that mold will slowly eat away at structural materials in your home over time.

If the area is moist or wet, this will only accelerate mold growth as it thrives in such environments. For this reason, it is crucial to get fast water restoration services on the scene after any event of water damage or flooding.

Not only is the property damaged as a result of mold, but it can harm the health of occupants of the building as well. Toxins from the mold can cause scratchy eyes, irritable skin, coughs, fever, and other symptoms if proper mold abatement methods are not applied.

This is why our RestorationMaster mold specialists have the latest equipment and mold cleanup products in the industry. We are prepared to provide total mold remediation to your property in a safe and effective manner and give you peace of mind when the mold is eliminated.

Mold Removal in Elizabeth, NJ

Our mold cleanup technicians at RestorationMaster are well prepared to handle any cases of mold in the Elizabeth, NJ area. We implement infrared technology to ensure all mold is located in your home. Then, using advanced mold removal equipment and techniques, we remove the mold from all surfaces and treat the area to prevent further growth.

mold-removal-in-Elizabeth-njOur mold remediation services in Elizabeth, NJ include the following:

  • Identify and address the source of the moisture
  • Find all mold growth with infrared mold detection technology
  • Create a mold remediation plan that includes the mold mitigation method, scope, and timeframe
  • The affected areas are isolated and damaged items and materials are removed under negative pressure containment to prevent the mold from spreading
  • Items and surfaces that can be salvaged are cleaned using EPA-registered cleaning products
  • Permanently damaged materials including drywall, carpeting, and furnishings are removed
  • The HVAC system will be evaluated and treated if necessary
  • Inspection to ensure all visible mold is removed
  • A third party will perform testing to ensure complete mold removal

Free Estimate Mold Removal in Elizabeth, NJ

If you discover the presence of mold on your property, you can bet there is more hiding elsewhere. Get in touch with our mold cleanup specialists right away to completely remove the mold from the property.

You can reach us at (732) 338-0713 for mold remediation in Elizabeth, NJ and the surrounding areas.

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