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Construction Services in Arlington, VA


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Construction projects at your home can be very large, complex, and costly. Whether you are deciding on adding a section to your home, remodeling your current home, or adding or fixing your outdoor space, you need to work with professionals to make sure it is done correctly.

RestorationMaster offers construction services in Arlington, VA, to help homeowners with their projects. Whatever you may need for your home, such as remodeling, adding a new outdoor space or renovating it, we can help. We can also provide reconstruction services to help those that have experienced a disaster.


Professional Construction in Arlington, VA

We know how important it is to work with skilled professionals when it comes to working on your home projects. Our trained professionals use hi-tech equipment and methods to ensure great results. We first create a plan with our clients so that there is a clear outline of what will be done and a timeline for when it will be completed, and our client is updated every step of the way. Our clients have visions and expectations, and we want to make sure we meet them. Working like this ensures great results for us and our clients.

RestorationMaster offers these construction projects:

Bathroom Remodel:

We will help you remodel your bathroom whether it was damaged by water, or you would just like to update it.

Outdoor Living:

We will make sure your outdoor space looks great by adding a new patio or a deck or repairing your existing structures.


We will transform the unusable space in your basement by finishing it. Our highly skilled team will help you finish your basement remodeling project.

New Home:

If you’ve decided to construct a new home, our professional team will help you design and build it.


Adding space to your home can greatly enhance it and add value to your home. We have the right skills to design and construct the space and bring it to life.

Kitchen Remodel:

The kitchen is the most important space for most families, so remodeling it takes some effort and time. At the end, you will have a bigger space and it will increase the value of the home. Our hands-on experts will help you design it and fully complete it based on your vision.

Reconstruction and Restoration Services

At RestorationMaster, our highly skilled team will make sure your restoration or reconstruction projects are a success. If you’ve experienced a disaster that has caused significant property damage, we can restore your home back to its original state. Our design and restoration team will do all the necessary restoration and reconstruction work until you are happy with the results.

If you need help from professionals to complete a new construction project at your home, or you need to remodel after a disaster, RestorationMaster can help. We have the right tools, equipment, methods, and expertise to ensure your project is done based on your vision.

To learn more about our construction services in Arlington, VA, please reach out to RestorationMaster at (202) 952-3660.

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