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Trauma Scene Cleaning for Warren and Bridgewater Township, NJ


(888) 915-7197
A trauma scene involving death or serious injury is difficult for anyone to see. Cleaning it isn’t something that just anyone can do. Not only is it emotionally draining, but trauma scenes contain biohazards that must be handled properly, and often are crime scenes that can easily become contaminated and jeopardize investigations.  RestorationMaster provides trauma scene cleanup to clients in Warren and Bridgewater Township, NJ. We have the training and equipment to safely and effectively clean biohazards without spreading hazardous materials or getting in the way of an investigation, freeing family and friends to do tasks that only they can do. We treat our clients with care and compassion during these difficult times and never forget that people are involved in these situations.

Trauma Scene Cleaning for Warren, NJIf you discover a trauma scene, immediately call 911 and don’t touch anything! Blood, tissues and other bodily fluids can spread diseases and infections, and moving even the smallest item can contaminate a crime scene. Commercially available cleaners and equipment aren’t up to this kind of cleaning challenge, and biohazardous materials can’t be thrown out in the weekly trash.  RestorationMaster’s technicians are specially trained to remove biohazardous materials in approved containers to a licensed facility for legal disposal. We use the most advanced cleaners and equipment in the industry to safely and effectively clean and sanitize your home or business so it’s safe to return, and we work in cooperation with law enforcement authorities so the investigation isn’t hindered in any way.

 RestorationMaster’s Comprehensive Trauma Scene Cleanup includes

  • All biohazardous materials are removed and the entire area is completely cleaned and decontaminated.
  • Odor removal. We use powerful deodorizers to remove all traces of odors.
  • Proper disposal of biohazardous materials. Biohazardous materials should never be thrown away in regular trash. We remove all these materials in approved containers to a licensed facility for legal disposal.
  • Continuous monitoring. Our highly effective quality control and communication practices ensure that the job is completed in a timely manner.
  • Insurance assistance. We’ll help you file your claim and work with your insurance company to expedite the process.
  • Family assistance and support. Dealing with the serious injury or loss of a loved one can be traumatizing for loved ones and friends. We can help by putting them in touch with licensed counselors trained to work in these situations. No one needs to suffer in silence.
  • Certified technicians. Our professionals are trained and certified in biohazardous removal according to all state and local regulations.

If you encounter a trauma scene at your home or business in Warren or Bridgewater Township, NJ, call 911 first. Next, call the caring professionals at RestorationMaster 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (732) 571-4004. We’ll arrive in discreet, unmarked vehicles to protect your privacy and work quickly and efficiently to remove biohazard materials and other signs of the trauma.