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Mold Remediation in Point Pleasant, NJ


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When mold growth appears, it can cause major damage to your property and your health. Mold growth typically forms in damp conditions, and it often affects surfaces that contain a food source such as wood, drywall, carpeting, and insulation. Major damage can result as the mold eats away at the affected materials, and exposure to mold can cause health issues.

RestorationMaster offers mold remediation services to find and remove mold from homes and businesses in Point Pleasant, NJ. We use special infrared technology that will locate the mold at your property and remediate it using specialized methods.

Issues with Mold

Mold growth can cause severe damage to your property as well as health issues for you and your family. When mold has a food and moisture source, it has the perfect conditions to multiply. If you find mold within your property, make sure to contact a professional right away so they can remediate it. Mold eats away at the affected surfaces which can eventually cause structural damage.

If mold removal services aren’t called quickly, the surfaces affected by mold will become weakened which can threaten the structural integrity of walls, ceilings, and other structural elements.  Mold growth can also spread at any time by dispersing its spores around your property. Exposure to mold can cause allergy like symptoms and with prolonged exposure, there is a risk of major upper respiratory issues.

Mold Remediation in Point Pleasant, NJ

As soon as you experience mold, make sure to call our mold remediation technicians so they can fully remove mold in your home or business. First, we will find the mold at your property, including hidden mold, via infrared technology.  We will then isolate the mold and remove it.

We offer these mold remediation services in Point Pleasant, NJ:

  • Mold detection:  We will use specialized infrared technology to find mold at your property, including hidden mold.
  • Isolation:We will isolate any mold growth affected areas to prevent it from spreading further.
  • Mold remediation: All affected areas are treated with special chemicals that are safe for plants and pets, but fully remove mold growth.
  • Restoration and repair: Your property will be fully repaired, and this includes any structural damage.
  • Post-test: Your property will be tested after the remediation process so we can make sure all mold has been removed

Mold Removal in Point Pleasant, NJ

If you’ve experienced mold at your property, make sure to call our mold removal specialists right away to start the remediation process. We can be reached at (732) 338-0713 for all your mold removal needs in Point Pleasant, NJ, and the surrounding areas.