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Post Construction Cleaning in Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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When buildings undergo renovations, the project involves a large amount of work, including reconstruction. When such work is done, a mess will inevitably be left behind. Dirt and other debris can be found littering the space, which can make the area not only messy but unsafe as well.

Helping homes and businesses in Huntington Beach, CA, RestorationMaster provides post construction cleaning services to clean properties after construction work. We will clean the area to remove dirt and dust and ensure it is free of debris. With help from our professional technicians, your residential or commercial property will be safe and clean to return to.

Post Construction Cleaning Huntington Beach, CA

When you take into consideration how much work goes into construction, it’s easy to understand how complicated of a job it is. It’s also easy to see how this kind of work results in a mess, including excessive dust buildup. Cleaning up after a construction project is important to prevent health concerns and safety issues. However, it isn’t always a simple or safe task to do yourself.

Dirt and dust, for example, can be hazardous because of the health problems they present. These substances can also damage to your ventilation system if they make their way into the air ducts. In such a case, you will need to spend more money to have the system repaired.

Our professional technicians will abide to all insurance requirements and local codes while providing post-construction cleaning services. With our help, you will make an easy transition back into your property.

Our post construction cleanup services include the following:

  • Walls and indoor glass spot cleaning
  • Carpet treatments
  • Floor mopping
  • Light and restroom fixture cleaning
  • Paint overspray cleaning
  • Air diffuser dusting

Cleaning Up After Construction

Construction projects result in an inevitable mess that needs to be cleaned up before you can use the space. This is especially important, because any leftover dirt and debris can lead to safety concerns and health issues. We will determine your post-construction cleaning needs after evaluating the area.

At RestorationMaster, we’ll provide a satisfactory cleaning job done in a detailed manner. If you need the work done around your schedule, we can accommodate that need. Following your call, we assign a field supervisor to manage your property’s cleaning and provide you with updates on the project. We will also handle the claims process by working with your insurance company.

RestorationMaster finds great pride in providing quality post construction cleaning services, so be sure to contact us for our help if you need post construction cleanup in Huntington Beach, CA.

Free Estimate

RestorationMaster can be reached for post construction cleaning services in Huntington Beach, CA, at (949) 666-8450.

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