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Content Cleaning and Pack-Out Services for Franklin Township, NJ

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A natural disaster is devastating to any family. It is something that can affect all different parts of the house. A natural disaster can affect the structure of your home, the furnishings, and personal belongings. Mold, flooding, fires, and smoke can leave permanent damage if action is not taken immediately. We aim to help you take care of this problem as quickly and painlessly as possible. RestorationMaster offers content cleaning and pack-out services in Franklin Township, NJ. We will restore your precious belongings that have been affected by the disaster and if your home is not severely damaged, we can clean them on-site. Otherwise, we will bring your personal items to our offices for cleaning with our pack-out services.

Content Cleaning & Pack-out Services in Franklin Township, NJ

Content Cleaning and Restoration

After your home or office has been affected by a natural disaster, the damage spreads easily and is difficult to contain.  Once a serious disaster occurs, you should examine your personal belongings to check for damages and sort out the damaged items for cleaning. The technicians of RestorationMaster are trained to clean, restore, and deodorize all damaged belongings and help you file claims with your insurance agency for all damage. We will be in charge of all cleaning and restoration within your home and provide pack-out services if your home’s condition is serious enough that we cannot clean your personal belongings on-site.

Pack-Out Services

If your home has undergone serious damage due to a disaster, we are able to pack-out your personal belongings and bring them to our facility until your home is fully restored. Our mission is to make this process as easy and painless as possible for you. Our technicians record each item and bring them to our facility. Once they are added to our facility systems, we will clean, restore, and store them in our climate controlled facility until your home has been completely restored. As soon as you are ready for your content to be returned, our technicians will personally deliver it to your home or building.

The damage from a natural disaster is an extremely difficult ordeal to go through. If your personal belongings have been damaged, this can make a difficult situation even harder. The longer you wait to take action; the more likely temporary damage will become permanent damage. If your home and content need content cleaning and restoration call RestorationMaster for content cleaning and pack-out services in Franklin Township, NJ. We are available 24 hours a day/365 days a year at (732) 751-4004 for disaster restoration services such as content cleaning and pack-out.