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Sewage Cleanup in Bakersfield, CA

ServiceMaster at Bakersfield

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Sewage contamination is dangerous because the number of pathogens and bacteria contained within the water threatens the health of you and your loved ones. Sewage backups can be expensive and messy to clean and the structure of your building may suffer severe damage from the remaining floodwater if it is not removed properly.

If your property is experiencing sewage overflow or backup, call ServiceMaster at Bakersfield for professional sewage cleanup services in Bakersfield, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our professionals will arrive on-site quickly to prevent further damage and return the contaminated area to its original state.

Sewage BackupsSewage Cleanup In Bakersfield CA

The common term used for wastewater containing laundry waste, urine, and feces is “Sewage”. Sewage pipes typically remove sewage from the home hygienically and quickly. When draining certain substances, some materials do not flood out so easily and cause sewage backup.

Other factors, like outside sources and tree roots, can potentially damage pipes outside the home and introduce the possibility of flooding and overflow. This urgency is the reason quick action is so important when removing contaminated water.

Sewage Cleanup in Bakersfield, CA

For sewage cleanup in Bakersfield, CA, contact ServiceMaster at Bakersfield at (661) 232-0021.

Sewage Cleanup in Bakersfield, CA

sewage cleaning in Bakersfield, CA by ServiceMaster at Bakersfield

Using a wet/dry vac to quicken the drying process by removing water from a carpet after sewage overflow.

Our professionals at ServiceMaster at Bakersfield are trained to handle sewage cleanup in Bakersfield, CA and the surrounding areas. It is important for the longevity of your home to have it cleaned up immediately. Be sure to keep all dehumidifiers, heat, or air conditioning on to allow dry air to circulate throughout the property. ServiceMaster at Bakersfield will store your furniture in a dry, safe area during the sewage cleanup process.

When conducting sewage cleanup services, our professionals will quickly extract all contaminated water. Any soiled porous materials will be removed, including drywall, carpeting, area rugs and other furnishings. All hard surfaces will be disinfected using professional cleaning products and methods. If needed, we can also provide mold removal. Finally, using water damage restoration techniques to assist the drying process, you can have the peace of mind knowing the affected area will be returned to a safe and sanitary area.

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For professional sewage cleanup services in the Bakersfield, CA area, contact ServiceMaster at Bakersfield at (661) 232-0021 services.

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The service was timely, professional. I especially appreciate the project Manager Noe, who pays attention to customer’s needs and excellent in resolving problems. I will definitely recommend this company.

Keene, CA
Where do I begin? Our entire house flooded while we were gone. When we returned, we found the water and I immediately called my insurance company. They recommended ServiceMaster and I agreed. IMMEDIATELY, I received a call and a visit to assess the damage and to explain the process to get us back in our home. The people I worked with at ServiceMaster were very reassuring, helpful and always available. I really felt like they had our interests at heart. Even though the process was very long (6 1/2 months), I felt that ServiceMaster acted completely professional, followed through on promises made and really made me feel that they were concerned with our displacement and would do their best to make our home wonderful again. They did! I wholeheartedly endorse ServiceMaster and would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is a similar situation. Thank you ServiceMaster and your great team!

Bakersfield, CA
Prompt, professional, hardworking, polite, efficient and helpful. Thank you sooo much Israel, Carlos, Ricky, Sylvia, Rebecca and Jack. Thank you also to Jerimiah

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